Big Baby DRAM Gets “Cute” in New Music Video

Valentine’s Day may come around once a year but subtweeting your crush is a year round commitment. Well stress no more! Our friend Big Baby D.R.A.M. has blessed us with his new music video for “Cute” so we can text our crush to “watch this super cute vid where two puppets fall in love like they do in Sex n the City!!!” in hopes that they’ll get the message. *sighs*

Check the video then scroll down for an ~*intimate*~ interview.

Cutest thing a girl can do to win you over?

Send me some cupcakes with me and my dog on them.

What’s the worst v-day gift you’ve ever gotten/given?


How do you text a booty call vs a girl you’re tryna wife?

Booty Call: hey

Girl Tryna Wife: boot nose [his nickname for a female friend of his… aw boot nose you go girl]


Favorite Emoji?

Honey. The baby emoji. The little brown baby with the little swoop.

Whats the perfect time for a girl to leave after a one night stand? 

I’ma be honest. It’s all on how that stand was on that one night… if I want you in the morning or if I want you out.

What are your real thoughts on a girl who’s DTF on the first date?

Shit. I’m down with that too! If you’re a real one then time will tell how official you are. That don’t mean that you ain’t 100 just because you got a little frisky. Watchu mean.

Are you big spoon or little spoon?

I don’t know what means but uh… I’ve been told I’m well endowed.

And my uncle told me, “You’re a Massenburg!” [his real last name]

How do you really feel about makeup in general: full face or ACTUALLY no makeup?

Minimalism is key with me. I know certain times call for certain measures and stuff like that but, y’know if you just have to walk around the corner. I want to catch you in your work clothes you feel me? I want to catch you when you feel like you’re the least cute. I don’t like a pound of makeup either. I DON’T LIKE A POUND OF MAKEUP.

Favorite activity to do with a girl that isn’t THAT activity? 

Talk on the phone… I’m so eighth grade.

Would you date a girl who didn’t smoke Broccoli?

Of course! You don’t have to do what I do just to be cool.

Would you date a girl who was friends with her ex?

Fuck no.

What’s a red flag for you to abort the mission when you’re dating?

The constant, constant calling. The constant texting. Hovering. Uh, DIGITALLY hovering over me at all times… or most of the time. That’s the #1 red flag.

What do you have to offer a girl no other man has to offer?

My brain power and my slang power. Facts.

#1 key to your heart to get you to drop down on one knee?

Watch Bob’s Burgers with me and love it just as much as me.

How involved is Idnit in the GF approval process?

Bro, I swear to god. He only really loves up on the vibes that I should be headed towards or that I’m already fucking with. I love that boy, he’s really key to the process. He’s been key since he’s been around. Shit.


Photo: Christine Hahn


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