How Bianca Bee Went From Small-Town Michigan To Interviewing Celebs In LA

Have you ever thought about moving to LA to become a blogger? Maybe interview bomb ass celebrities, have your own YouTube channel or work with big media companies?

Well, Bianca Bee has done it all and then some. At only 23 years old, Bianca has created her own app, blog, and worked for major brands such as E!, TMZ, Oprah, and more.

If your life isn’t quite as planned out as Bianca’s by now, don’t trip, read our interview to learn how she did it.

How did you get your started in media?

I started in media at the age of 16 when I launched my first entertainment and music blog. I was bored one day during the summer and had this website and did nothing with it. During that time I had just ended my junior year of high-school and got my first MacBook. I was very active on social media and I used my platform to promote my business as a blogger. At that time I really looked up to Necole Bitchie and TMZ. Later on, I interviewed Necole Bitchie and interned at TMZ.

I was writing about entertainment news every day and eventually my following grew every day. When I was 17, my mom bought me a camera and I had no clue how to use it. So after high school, I decided to go to film school in Los Angeles. That’s when I really knew media and film was for me when I left Detroit to pursue my dreams.

What made you want to move to California opposed to anywhere else for your career?

I always knew since I was twelve years old that I was going to move to California. I just knew Michigan was not for me. I manifested it a lot. When it came to my senior year of high-school and trying to figure out what colleges I was going to go to, I only applied to schools in California. I just knew in my head I was going to be famous. My mom was super supportive and helped me find a really good college and I never looked back.

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Why do you think you have such a big social media following?

I think I have such a big social media following because I’m very consistent on my page. I blog and post daily. I’m also very friendly and follow people back. I’ve interviewed a lot of celebrities and people in the industry and they would also share my posts and interviews I did with them.

What tips do you have for women looking to become a blogger or host?

When it comes to hosting, review the footage after the interview and watch yourself. Pay attention to how you talk and say things. I didn’t know Michigan people had an accent until I moved to California and started interviewing people. So often times I practice and talk a lot before I do an interview. When it comes to red carpets, really get in good with publicists and building relationships with them.

When it comes to blogging, especially entertainment blogging, have every app you need on your phone so it’s easier for you to make quick posts. Have apps such as WordPress, Splice for editing, Watermark for logos, etc. Also, blogging is all about consistency and visuals.

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What are the most important factors in building a personal brand?

The most important factors in building a brand are definitely consistency and a strong work ethic. You have to pay attention to leaders who’ve already made it and how they did it. Have a website, have a dope logo, do things differently than others. Like myself, I love purple so I always wear purple lipstick to red carpets, I always write in purple. I try to make myself as memorable as possible.

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What are some personal and business goals you set for yourself?

I have a whiteboard and I have three sections on the board. A monthly goals section, a weekly goal section, and a video section. I write down what I want to accomplish for the month and short term goals for the week. I am also big on vision boards. That’s how I landed my jobs at The Oprah Winfrey Network, E!, and Vh1.

From first starting your career and being where you are now, what are some things you would have done differently?

I definitely carry myself better and dress more like a business woman and lady. I talk differently, I walk more with confidence. I have tougher skin and I just know what’s meant for me will happen. I’m more spiritual and positive than before.

What tips do you have for aspiring media figures?

I recommend doing as many internships as possible, including [unpaid] ones. Shadowing other people in your field and getting a couple of mentors as well. I think knowledge is key when it comes to your career choice. I wanted to learn everything about film and television. From pre-production, production, post production, branding, terminology, marketing and being in front of the camera. I wanted to learn everything [so that] just in case I couldn’t afford to pay someone I can do it myself. If I don’t have an editor, I can do it myself. If I don’t have a makeup artist, I can do it myself. If a camera guy isn’t free, I can do it myself. Knowledge is key. A few other tips are consistency, not getting discouraged, building relationships, and being on time. Get a website, so when you’re out at events you can tell people where to follow you.

What do you want your supporters to take from this interview?

I want my ‘busy bees’ to know that you can make it from any circumstance. You can do anything you put your mind too. Have a vision, write it down and work to accomplish it. It will not bee easy at all. You will have ups and downs. You will have crappy jobs, work for people who are mean, but those things will make you stronger to take to your own business.

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