Beyoncé Chose to Pencil Dive Off a Yacht

Maybe it’s just me, but if I were to watch Beyoncé jump off a yacht, I would expect her to do something crazy, like a cannonball or a flip OR while swinging a baseball bat or something.

But no, I’m sad to report that Beyoncé did a pencil.

While on vaca in Sardinia (which is in the Mediterranean Sea if you didn’t know), the Carter-Knowles clan rented this massive yacht which is ironically called the Halo according to TMZ.

You know what the pencil is. It’s where you jump into a pool with your arms held tightly to your sides, almost becoming like a torpedo.

The pencil could also arguably be called the safest pool jump. Ever. Like this is the jump you do off the high diving board because once you get up there, you remember how afraid of heights you truly are, but you can’t pussy out because your sister is standing at the bottom at the ladder screaming at you to “jump already!”

May or may not be from a childhood memory.

But anyway, really Beyoncé? That probably billion dollar yacht deserves a better jump too.

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