BELLSAINT’s new single is a necessary addition to the #metoo movement

Well, we now know what we’ll be listening to anytime someone does us wrong. So likely, every morning, noon and night.

“Karma” is BELLSAINT’s most personal work to date, and talks about taking ownership of what’s yours and standing up to oppressive forces. Click here to give the song, which just came out on Feb. 26, a listen.

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“I wrote this song in response to working with someone who consistently bullied and belittled me,” BELLSAINT tells Galore. She continues:

“It was obvious there wasn’t mutual respect. When I finally stood up to this person and ended our working relationship, I received several threats. The timing couldn’t be more perfect to release this single in the midst of so many brave women coming forward and speaking up during the #metoo movement. I’m hoping that this shift will deepen and further our conversations of respect and consequences for harassment and that it will continue to empower women and people everywhere.”

As a young woman in the music industry, Saint opens up on “Karma” about some of the injustices she’s had to deal with in the day to day. But Saint is remarkable in her ability to turn her struggles and pain into powerful music that will both empower people around the world and warn those that try to stop them.

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In addition to her powerful latest single, BELLSAINT is certainly one to watch as far as artists go.

She’s worked with the likes of Ray Dalton, Trent Dabbs, and Phredley Brown who work with artists like Macklemore, Ingrid Michaelson and some dude named Bruno Mars. You may also have heard BELLSAINT’s songs in Bella Thorne’s new Freeform show, “Famous in Love” or Tyler Perry’s “Boo2.” The artist has no plans of stopping, either. Her Single Showcase is coming up on March 7 at The StudyHollywood, and the singer will be accompany Silento on the High School Nation tour this year.

But BELLSAINT is an artist in her own right. Her unique sound and powerful lyrics make her a crucial contribution to the sound of her generation.

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