Sedona’s debut song is a sexy girl squad anthem

Sedona is an LA-born, Brooklyn based, emerging artist who’s finally dropped her debut single, “Call Me Up.” The 21-year-old singer wants you to feel like a 70’s, retro queen while dancing to “Call Me Up,” saying that the song is inspired by “femme empowerment, self care, empathy, and community.”

This slow, sexy ballad is sure to have you memorizing the lyrics of it asap. You don’t have to trust us on this one – it’s the feel good, dancing-around-your-room-with-your-hairbrush kind of pop anthem you’ve been waiting for. And, you may recognize the girls featured in Sedona’s music video! Some of them were recently featured in Galore’s own Electric Youth issue!

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“My single, ‘Call Me Up,’ is about knowing your own worth and making others feel empowered. We don’t need the male gaze to feel validated. This song and its’ video explore the gender politics behind romance, femmehood, and empathy,” Sedona tells us.

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“‘Call Me Up’ takes a stand for all the different hats a femme wears in society. From the fierce and feral rawness we embody innately, to the synthesized and tamed composure we have to unleash in order to be taken seriously in society,” says Sedona on her new girl power anthem.

You can watch and listen to “Call Me Up,” here. Be sure to be on the look out for Sedona’s Debut album Fall 2018.

Photos by Gabriella Talassazan and Amanda Adam

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