Bella Thorne Is Looking for a Girlfriend

Bella Thorne is “single as fuck” and ready to settle down with one very lucky lady.

In between bites of salad, Bella told Harper’s Bazaar, “I’ve done stuff with girls, but I really want to actually date a girl.”

And just like every teenage boy who’s never dated a girl before, Bella’s having a hard time actually making it happen.

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“I can’t tell if a girl is hitting on me or she just wants to be friends. And I don’t want to flirt with a girl if she thinks I’m just being her friend,” she complained. “What if I kiss a girl and she’s like, ‘Oh, I’m just your friend dude, I can’t believe you just crossed that boundary.’ I’m confused on what they want from me.”

But you know what she’s not confused about?

Which female celeb she’d love to make her girlfriend: Kristen Stewart.

“She’s so hot,” Bella said. “She seems like the raddest chick, I’d be so down.”

Too bad Kristen’s already in a relationship with somebody who’s willing to wear matching outfits in public.

Now that’s true love.

[H/T Harper’s Bazaar]

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