Here’s Bella Hadid Grabbing Emrata’s Cannes

Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski are so close these days you might even call them bosom buddies — because Bella literally just copped a feel of Emrata’s cans in Cannes.

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Even though neither Bella nor Emrata appears in any films at the Cannes Film Festival, they still flew out to the south of France because hello, it’s the frickin’ South of France.

If you don’t have anything better to do and somebody asks you if you want to go on vacation to a very luxurious destination, you’re an idiot if you say no.

Anyway, one night when they weren’t donning extravagant gowns and hobnobbing with a bunch of pretentious actors, they had a very boob-centric night on a yacht with Hailey Baldwin.

It all started when Emrata posted a picture of herself wearing some jewels and sort-of covering her boobs with her hands. Cheekily, she captioned the photo, “Cannes.”

Bella was so tickled pink with this post that she couldn’t help but leave a comment — twice.

The first time she said, “I’m HIIIII,” and the second time she said, “u not playing baby see u in an hour.”

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And at some point after that hour of time elapsed, Bella, Emrata and Hailey Baldwin were feeling a little silly and decided to make some thotty content for social media together.

You know, routine girl stuff.

Couple ladies on a boat

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And since they’re models, they didn’t just take a few pictures and get back to whatever it is famous people do on yachts — they had a full-blown photo shoot, complete with “getting into the mood” background music.

While moving and grooving to the beat, Bella decided to envelop Emrata in an upper arm hug from behind, but after doing that for a hot second she decided that pose wasn’t working and she had to do something else. So she decided to just grab Emrata’s boobs instead.

Emrata collapsed into a fit of laughter while Bella snuggled up behind her, rubbing her hands up and down Emrata’s thighs.

Meanwhile, oblivious to it all, Hailey Baldwin was dancing all by herself like a little baby angel.

She loves me @bellahadid @haileybaldwin

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