Buy These Beauty Products To Hide Your Hangover

The morning after drinking can feel shitty, and it can also look shitty.

Something about alcohol really shows up on your face the next day, whether it’s your under-eye bags from staying out ’till 5 a.m. or your bloated face from drinking eight margaritas.

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Thankfully, beauty companies know the struggle, and they’ve created certain products specifically designed for hiding the fact that you were out all night taking tequila shots. Bless their little souls.

We’ve highlighted some of our fave things for those mornings where you don’t want your entire office to know that you got blackout the night before. Enjoy.

1. This Sheet Mask


Daily Wonders What Happened Last Night Revitalizing Mask, $9

This mask asks the exact same question you do when you wake up in a daze, except instead of informing you that you made-out with a rando and got kicked out of the club, it makes your face glow! Buy it exclusively online at Ulta.


2. ZACA Recovery Chewable Supplements

Recovery Chewable (6 Packs – 12 tablets), $20

Okay, we’re super hesitant about anything that claims to be a “hangover cure,” but these don’t really claim to be that, they just claim to help with “recovery.” We’ve tried them, and we can honestly say that they’re true to their word. Buy them now before spring (a.k.a blackout SZN) is in full force.


3. This Coffee Mask

Frank Body Glow Mask, $22

When you can’t stomach a cup of coffee, you can just put coffee on your face. This Frank Body Glow Mask contains caffeine and antioxidants that will give your face a little buzz (but not in a psycho way).

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4. Any Bold Lip Color


Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick, $20

Okay, so a bold red lip won’t actually fix your hangover-face, but it will distract people from it. And lipstick just makes you look put together, even if your lipstick is the only makeup you had time to put on before dashing to class.


5. This Face Primer


Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, $32

Too Faced describes this face primer as an “energy drink for your skin,” so safe to say it’s perfect for a Saturday morning when you want to die.


6. This All-in-One Package


Pinch Provisions Hangover Kit, $14

If you’re the type of hot mess that never has what she needs when she’s nursing a SOB hangover, maybe you should buy this. Or, buy it for your BFF for her next birthday, or bachelorette party, or whatevs. It’s super cute, and includes all the hangover essentials, from breath freshener to ear plugs. The only thing missing is hangover food, but that’s only a phone call away.


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