Beauty Chocolates, Booty Cream, & 4 Other Things to Make You Feel Cute During Quarantine

My original plan for this month’s article was to round up a bunch of spring-y clothing—but this month took a turn for us all. I hope you’re staying safe (and sane) during this time.

Luckily, since I work from home, this hasn’t been a huge change for me—yet. But it’s definitely weird not having all the social elements that are normally a part of my life. So, in order to maintain normalcy the best I can, I’m still mostly sticking with my routine—or at least my quarantine-routine (I definitely wake up later in my shelter-in-place life).

Self-care, skincare, and cute clothes are definitely a part of my routine (even though I’ve been wearing sweatpants for the last five days). So, I’m rounding up some of my favorite products that are making me feel a bit more like myself during this time where we can’t really completely be ourselves. And, these are all products you can fully enjoy from the comfort of your own home, completely by yourself.

1. An OG Tracksuit That’s the Perfect Mix of Comfy and Cute

Baby Phat Max Velour Jacket in Lavender, $80

Two weeks into quarantine, I had been wearing a man’s grey sweatpants and tank top for essentially the last week. Leggings seemed like a “fancy” outfit at this point. I only put on to take my twice daily walk. Honestly, I don’t find leggings that comfy—my booty likes to breathe.

This Baby Phat tracksuit I received two weeks into my self-quarantining was the perfect balance between the two. And, it got extra points for feeling like something I would wear when I actually used to spend most of my time in the house (you know, like in high school).

I got the lavender color-way, because I figured it would brighten up the mood around the house, but it also comes in black and nude for something more practical.


2. A Lit Whitening Kit So You Can Emerge from Quarantine with Pearly Whites

GLO Lit Kit, $149

Quarantine may not be the best time to find a boyfriend or to get a “summer body” (whatever that means), but it is a great time to whiten your teeth! Upgrade your white strips for something a little more serious with GLO Science’s Lit Kit (yes, I know, the name is iconic).

And by “more serious,” I mean way more serious. The Lit Kit links with your phone through Bluetooth and even gives you reminders so you don’t get off track during your whitening journey. Developed by world-renowned dentist and oral health expert, Dr. Jonathan B Levine, the 23-patent holding kit claims to make your teeth five shades whiter in just five days.

I’ll admit, I felt a little ridiculous putting this contraption in my mouth, but it wasn’t much less ridiculous than other white strips I’d tried. And, it was kind of fun, to be honest (cue me dancing around the apartment with a glorified glo-stick in my mouth).

I’ll admit, the whitening gel didn’t taste very great, and I definitely built up a bit of saliva while waiting the eight minutes for each whitening session to be over—but the results spoke for themselves, and I saw way better results in a week than I did with two weeks of white strips.


3. A Serious Self-Tanner That’ll Make It Look Like You’ve Been Outside Recently

Luna Bronze Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse, $34

When it fully dawned on me that I wouldn’t be able to go shopping for the unforeseeable future, my first instincts told me to buy self-tanner instead of toilet paper. I knew nobody was going to be seeing me, but I just feel better when I’m tan. My former go-to self-tanning foam is regularly sold out from Sephora, so instead I was able to try something new: Luna Bronze.

Luna Bronze’s vegan friendly and cruelty-free tanning products range from mousses, to moisturizers, to mists—all with the end goal of giving you a bronze like you’d been laying out on the Australian beaches (where the brand was founded) and not under the warm glow of your Laptop screen asking, “are you still watching?”


4. An Aesthetic Cream Designed Specifically for The Perfect Peach

Bum + Body Cream in Mint, $45

If you’re going to sit on your butt all day, you might as well make it smooth and blemish-free. Miami Beach Bum’s founder, Ayssa DiPietro, was tired of her regular beach trips resulting in butt acne and other less-than-ideal booty blemishes. So, the marine biologist decided to formulate her own solution.

This booty cream is smooth, hydrating, and comes in two aesthetic AF pastel tubs—Vanilla Orange and Mint. And, since they’re made in the USA, you can still totally order it during all of this craziness. And you’ll be supporting a female-owned and operated small business to boot!

While I’m definitely not the active beach-goer that Ayssa is, I do get “chicken skin” from the dry climates or too much HVAC, and this cream was crucial in helping me smooth out the skin on my booty and thighs. It also works great against razor burn!


5. An Online Dance Class So You Can Pretend You’re at The Club (Minus the Creeps)


There’s a reason that they had Chinese patients dance in quarantine—because it does the body good! Skip the hardcore abs of steel workouts one day this week and shake it out with DanceBody, the popular studio workout that launched their online platform early this year. If you’ve never tried their live platform before, you get one week free. And, you can read my review of their in-studio workout here.


6. Chocolates That Are Supposed To Make You Prettier

Sakara Beauty Chocolates, $45

I don’t know about you, but all I can think of during quarantine is dessert. At least 50% of my thoughts are contemplating what dessert recipes I have the ingredients to make, what snacks I can purchase on my weekly grocery runs, and if there are any take-out spots that have great desserts. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and are trying to have a corona-glow-up (please don’t take offense to this, humor is how I cope), up your snacking game with Sakara Life’s beauty chocolates.

I’d be lying if I said I was totally convinced that these chocolates can turn you into Megan Fox overnight, but they are a great way to get some extra collagen (the stuff that makes your skin bouncy and youthful) and an excuse to eat more chocolate. And, they do have a clinically proven study behind it, so these may be more legit than you’d think.


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