This Tanning Mousse Randomly Cured My Chicken Skin

The first time I felt self-conscious about my chicken skin — the little bumps on my upper arms — was in the seventh grade.

I was at the movies with a guy I had a crush on and he smoothly put his arm around me and started casually rubbing my triceps. It should’ve been a lovely lil moment, cuz this dude was hot (and still is, I think). But instead, all I could think about were the little bumps on my arms that I’d had since I was a kid.

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I immediately went home and asked my mom what I could do about my keratosis pilaris — a.k.a chicken skin — and she got me this lotion from Sephora. TBH, I couldn’t tell you if it worked or not, because my seventh grade self quickly forgot about this embarrassing moment and went on living my best Abercrombie jean skirt life. I grew to be confident enough in myself that I didn’t really care about some bumps on my arms anymore, as my KP wasn’t bad enough that you would notice it unless you were touching me.

But then, randomly in my early 20’s, my chicken skin started actin’ up. Now it wasn’t just on my upper arms, it was on the backs of my legs and even on my butt. Not cute. In the depths of the NYC winter, it even started spreading to my forearms.

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I scoured the internet for a fix, and found that many people swear by this Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy lotion, which was conveniently under $10 on Amazon. I bought it and started putting it on every morning, and it appeared to be working, but then a few months later, my chicken skin was back in full force.

I was still using the lotion, so I wasn’t sure what was up, but then I realized it wasn’t the lotion at all.

Backtracking, I realized that when I started using the Gold Bond lotion, I had also heavily started using my St. Tropez Tanning Mousse in attempts to keep a glow through the brutal winter months. I got a little lazy around February and stopped using the tanning stuff, and my chicken skin came back. To test it, I started using the St. Tropez this week, and what do you know? My skin has smoothed out dramatically.

I wondered if St. Tropez knew about this extra bonus to their product, on top of it giving you an amazing glow, so I reached out to them, but they haven’t gotten back to me.

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Obviously, not everybody likes self-tanning products, but I swore by St. Tropez even before I realized they helped my chicken skin. The mitt makes it easy to apply and minimizes the risk of your hands being orange, and the color of the product gives me a bronze, but also natural look. When I walked into work on Wednesday my co-worker legit slacked me saying, “In the least creepy way did you get a spray tan? Your skin looks flawless.”

Nope, no spray tan, just my St.Tropez and my smooth af skin.

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