BabyJake Unveils New LP and Video for Focus Track “Year 25” | ‘Rude, Crude, and Uncouth’ LP Out Now

Nashville-based singer-songwriter BabyJake is currently in the midst of a new musical era, described via the following formula: 1 Jake, 1 guitar, and a bucket of paint. Now, he puts a stamp on this era with the arrival of his third full-length LP entitled Rude, Crude, and Uncouth (out today, December 15 via all DSPs)

With his new record— introduced with recent releases “Sweetheart From Arkansas,” “Tampa, FLA,” “Mexico Bring Me My Queen,” and “Better Days” — BabyJake returns to his roots in folk music (his primary means of processing emotions), and abandons any regard for what is wanted or expected from him, instead making music for the love of music alone. This record encapsulates and puts on display a new side of Jake that isn’t exactly “new.” He also accompanies the record’s release with a final single, “Year 25,” alongside a video for it. Watch the music video for “Year 25” here.

Speaking on his new album and its thematic/sonic inspiration, Jake wrote the following:

“Most people don’t know this about me, but folk music was the very beginning and writing, to this day, has and always will be my primary way to process and express emotions. I guess you could say that’s what ‘got me into’ music. 1 Jake, 1 guitar, and a bucket of paint is all it took. Rude, Crude, and Uncouth is the first time since 2016 that I’ve been able to strip it all back again. I took a step back from the noise, from the industry, and from anyone who thought they knew what the world wanted from me. Because that’s not what music is about in my eyes. It was never about the success or the fame or the idea of being a rockstar. No, music is expression, music is balance, music is a bunch of colors thrown at the wall somehow made out to be a beautiful sunset. I’m back there now. I’m making music for the love of music & nothing else. This album is pure. The bare bones. My thoughts, my feelings, my experiences, my faults…I’m giving you all of Jake Herring, good and bad…Because that’s what music is about for me: 1 Jake, 1 guitar, and a bucket of paint…That’s how it all starts. And this time around, how it ends.”

Chosen as a VEVO DSCVR artist and frequent collaborator with artists such as 24kgldn to Dillon FrancisBabyJake has made an indelible mark on the modern music landscape since his debut in 2019 with “Cigarettes on Patios” (Certified Gold, 125M+ streams across DSPs). With acclaim from outlets such as BillboardWonderlandLyrical LemonadeOnes to Watch, and American Songwriter, in addition to 20+ Spotify placements (Feel Good Indie Rock, Dopamine, Varsity Bars) and 30+ Apple Music placements (Chilltronics, New in Pop, AltPop, Superbloom), BabyJake is on the rise, and hasn’t let up.

Since that 2019 debut, BabyJake has been bringing the glamour of the 70’s to modern day, combining latest production knowledge with an undeniably retro feel that can bring your mom back to the pictures of her high school celebrity crushes she pulled pictures of out of her vinyl booklets. Creating a unique mix of influences to develop an entrancing individual sound, the Florida-born, LA-made, and Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s loudest influence is his own personality.

He set forth his softer side in 2020 with his debut EP, Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine. He followed that release with his debut album in 2021, The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now, in addition to two compilations, First Stop and Second Base (SB Projects/Republic Records). Most recently, he shared his sophomore record, Aren’t We Ever Gonna Be More Than Friends?, and he now returns with a much folkier release, his third LP entitled Rude, Crude, and Uncouth.

Unapologetically himself, and with a cohesive grasp on his sound’s inspirations, you’ll want to sit back and enjoy the show.

Featured Interview:

“Year 25” is one of the more somber, regretful tracks on the record — was the song written in response to any specific experiences or moments in your life?

“Year 25” is essentially a message to myself to SLOW DOWN. Some amazing things have happened in my life that I can no longer recall thoroughly, mainly because I was speeding (Hence why I’ve started journaling). All my life I’ve been speeding… What’s next, what’s next, what’s next… And look, I think that’s a very positive attribute, but you can also blink & wow, boom, yeah you’re 50 years old. I recently watched the Beckham documentary & I really felt for him in that regard. It takes a toll on your family / close friends as well. But it’s an addiction, it’s the greatest high you can ask for. It’s hard to stop. For him: playing Futbol (Which I also relate to, as my first love was Basketball). For me: the hit of dopamine when you get the spark of a song, and next thing you know you are on a stage performing it. Even on a shit night, it’s still an addiction, it’s still the best high. It’s hard to tell yourself to appreciate the moment & not focus on the next best thing. The next step up on the ladder. That’s what “Year 25” is about – Slowing down yet keeping fast. A balance.

The visuals for this album have all been shot in black and white, including the video for “Year 25”. What drew you towards that aesthetic for the new record?

Ahhh I’m just not that pretty yanno. Color brings out my flaws mate. Now I’ve lost a bit of weight & I’m starting to shape up more but B&W makes my chin look better I reckon. At least B&W makes me feel prettier, I think? Ironically, it symbolizes honesty to me. I’m not sure exactly why, but a man and his guitar in B&W really is so brutally honest to me. It feels genuine. Bare, naked, I don’t know whatever the hell else you wanna use as a synonym… I shaved my head since then, so maybe I’ll do another video without the hair. I’d like to be as honest as possible, but music takes awhile to come out so the long haired Jake will have to do just fine for now. I figured it’d be fun to be B&W for a while…That while is almost up. Even though I don’t look as swell in color, I’m too sporadic & colorful to lack it in my art I think. It was an experiment, I enjoyed it, it stripped me down to the minimum.  

As exhibited throughout your discography, your musical style has transformed significantly since the beginning of your career. Are there any more avenues you hope to explore with your artistry, or do you feel like you’ve found a permanent home in the world of folk?

Yeah I think Jazz or Reggae or something of that realm would be fun later on in life. Who’s to say? I don’t make the rules… But really what I found out throughout the last 2-3 years is that I prefer LIVE music. And when I say that, I mean music that has real instruments in it. Like instruments that you play with your hands & feet & mouth & all… Are those still around??? You get my point. Really I don’t categorize myself as a Rock artist, or Folk artist, or pov: Indie artist (as Spotify likes to call us I guess?)… I’m just AN artist. That’s all. It’s simple: I love music, it was my finest form of emotional expression, probably still is… and it was a gateway… no, a bridge into the world of expression. Now I’m often a charismatic character in the room, that was never the case before music. It gave me a warm cocoon to rest my weary youngster head on & not worry about soldiers on horseback riding around with bows trying to hunt me down. At least that’s how it felt growing up. I was chubby, quiet, nerdy, all of the classic bully-esque favorites… And I eventually turned to a guitar & a pen. That is why it took me a while to turn around & realize: “Ah! That’s what’s missing… All this music is produced on a computer!!!”. I missed the room, I missed the energy in the room, I missed the feeling of your fingers touching the wound brass strings of the acoustic guitar vibrating magically into the air, the sound of a kick pedal hitting the beater, the feeling of a bass note through an Ampeg, the meeting of a bunch of broken gents getting together & making something beautiful. This is what I was always looking for in music, I just didn’t know it. So… to clarify & give a final answer: I would like to make a lot of music in the space of LIVE music, & if you ask me of my genre of music I will most likely tell you LIVE music… or music made with LIVE instruments. On a lazy day, I’ll say “Rock”, but that’s not what I really mean. That’s just me being a lazy man.

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