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The Sweet, but Psycho singer, and all around artist, Ava Max, is also Galore’s newest Sinsational Covergirl!

We are so obsessed with Ava, because she’s an artist that oozes the idea of truly being yourself. The singer is adamant about expressing herself in her own way – and is a big advocate for girl power and stoping bullying. It just makes her even more of her unique self.

The singer is only 25 years old, and she’s blown up since her hit “Sweet but Psycho” exploded on the scene in 2018. She has already worked with some of the biggest names in music, because of her mesmerizing sound, her intense work ethic, and her determination to better the music industry and the world.

We sat down with Ava to discuss her family life, her newest single “Torn”, her biggest inspirations, and how she wants to change things for the better through her platform.

Check out the exclusive interview and photoshoot below!

WHEN DID YOU FIRST FALL IN LOVE WITH MUSIC? I first fell in love with music when I was given my first CD. It was Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time,” both the light blue and light pink editions. 90’s kids will understand what I’m talking about!

WHO IS YOUR BIGGEST MUSICAL INSPIRATION? My biggest musical inspiration is definitely Celine Dion. The way she sang her ballads made me want to become a singer. I would practice her songs in my basement over and over again until I reached the high notes she sang!!

TELL US ABOUT YOUR DECISION TO WEAR A SUPERWOMAN COSTUME TO VMAS, AND WHY CELEBRATING GIRL POWER IS SO IMPORTANT TO YOU? Wearing my superhero costume from the “Torn” video to the VMAs was incredible. It was also a bit strange (cuz who wears a superhero outfit at the VMAs) but, overall, thrilling! How many Superwomen have you seen walk the red carpet!? Ha. To me, being a superhero, is about having this infectious “can take on the world” confidence. That’s what I was channeling. It was a dream. I wanted to use my debut red carpet at the VMAs to do something inspiring and promote strong, confident women. I could’ve just worn a dress or a cool suit.. but, oh well! I don’t care what people think about me. I’m just doin me. My mom really taught me to think that way. I thank her for that!Girl power is the most important to me. It’s hard knock life out there as a woman in 2019 and it’s important for us to band together and support one another.

WHICH SONG OF YOURS TOUCHES THE CLOSEST TO HOME?It’s so hard to say which song of mine touches the closest to home because they are all uniquely me in one way or another. Let’s start with the fact that I love dualities. I love the push and pull of equal and opposite forces and I think that really comes across in my music and personality. Sweet but Psycho talks about two sides of someone, and how they can be the best and worst all in the same day. It also turns the word “psycho” on it’s head and turns it into strength. It’s saying, you may think I’m crazy but I’m actually strong, independent, and will stand up for myself. I’m Not Your Barbie Girl and I’m not taking a backseat anymore. I love that song and was beyond surprised at how quick it resonated with the world. My new single, Torn, on the other hand, speaks to staying in a relationship or leaving. It’s that crazy feeling of tension in the middle that we all experience.

SWEET BUT PHYSCO IS LITERALLY ON REPEAT AT THE GYM, OFFICE, EVERYWHERE AND NOW TORN IS ALSO MY FAVE, WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM THE ALBUM? POP POP AND MORE POP! I love pop music and want to pour as much of it into the world. You can expect strong, anthemic records that will make you want to get up, dance, kiss someoneand repeat, haha. It’s my debut album and I want it to leave a mark.

WE HEARD YOU LOVE MARIAH, WHICH MARIAH SONG IS YOUR ULTIMATE FAVE? Like Mariah? More like Obsessed!!! My all time favorite song of hers?? This is a tough question… if I had to pick I’d say “always be my baby” ️

IF YOU COULD COLLABORATE WITH ANY ARTIST DEAD OR ALIVE WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? I think I would have to say Whitney Houston, because she’s an icon! I grew up listening to her music and idolizing her.

YOU COLLABORATED WITH DIRECTOR JOSEPH KHAN KNOW FOR ONE OF BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME! TOXIC BY BRITNEY AND NOW OUR NEW FAVE VIDEO TORN. HOW DID THAT CONCEPT COME ABOUT AND HOW DID U PICK HIM AS THE DIRECTOR FOR THE VISION? It feels like this was meant to be. I walked into a meeting with my A&R knowing exactly what I wanted the video to be about. I didn’t know Joseph Kahn would be in that meeting. I freaked.. trying to hold my composure .. he asked me what my vision was for the video. I told him I see a girl finding her strength amidst struggle and taking back her power. A superhero. And he absolutely loved the idea and then brought it to life.

WHAT DO U CONSIDER SWEET BUT PSYCHO WHEN IT COMES TO RELATIONSHIPS ? We all know relationships are not perfect. It’s about the riding the highs and working through the lows. What do I consider Sweet but Psycho in relationships!? That’s so tough – it can be the little things like stalking an ex’s instagram wall to see if a new flame is commenting, then getting deep in the scroll on that person’s page and making fun of the things they do, hahah (PRETEND YOU HAVEN’T DONE IT?!), haha. We’re all a little twisted at times.

WORST DATE YOU HAVE EVER BEEN ON? When I was catfished. Lol.

YOU ARE BIG ADVOCATE FOR BULLYING AND WE ARE HERE FOR IT! TELL US ABOUT YOUR LIFE GROWING UP IN VIRGINIA?I am, and it’s because I’ve been bullied pretty badly in middle school. 

WHAT ADVICE WOULD  YOU GIVE YOUR 16 YEAR OLD SELF LOOKING BACK AT IT ALL? Do not give up. Ever ever ever ever ever ever ever. You are going to want to so many times. Just keep following that dream in your head and with determination, you will get there.

YOU TRAVEL WITH YOUR MOM (WHO BY THE WAY IS ADORABLE) HOW  IMPORTANT IS  FAMILY TO YOU AS YOU CLIMB TO SUPER STARDOM?Family is the reason for it all. My mom is and has always been my biggest fan and supporter. She was an opera singer (no professionally, cuz she gave it up to have a family!) herself and has inspired me every step of my journey. I miss her so much when she’s not out on the road with me. To be honest, my biggest goals are to take the success that comes and be able to just create a rewarding life for my family. They deserve that! My parents are proud Albanian-Americans that started with nothing in the USA and have always fully invested in me. 

WHAT BEAUTY PRODUCTS DO YOU SWEAR BY?It’s a bit expensive but anything Dr. Lancer for skincare. Worth. Every. Penny.

YOUR HAIR CUT IS DEFINITELY A STATEMENT, WHERE DID THIS IDEA FOR THE HAIR CUT COME FROM? To be honest, it was at first an accident. I cut one side, got distracted, came back to cut the other side a bit later and then was like, you know what, no, I love it. It turns heads at the grocery store and on the street and has gotten me some negative attention but it’s also a commitment to myself to be bold, brave, go against the grain and to not care what others think! “You want long hair or short hair? Ava Max: Both!”

WHAT YOUR BEAUTY REGIMENT ON TOUR Water, water, water and water. I am constantly in a car or on a plane and always on the move. Staying hydrated is the key to staying and feeling balanced. I also need to work out for my brain to just feel like, yes bitch, I’m ready to take on the day. I prefer running. Lastly, sleep! I’m a night owl sometimes and have to remind myself to go to bed, ha! It’s so important.

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT ON YOUR RECORD WE ARE ALL WATING FOR? You can expect pop anthemic music. I’ve been perfecting some of my absolute favorite music for a while now (feels like forever) and I am SO READY for the world to hear these songs. If you like what you’ve heard so far, you’re going to lose your mind for what’s next.

ONE WORD OF ADVICE TO ALL YOUR FANS OUT THERE?Do you. Be unapologetically yourself. And live life to the max.

WHAT IS NEXT FOR AVA MAX?Traveling the world and meeting my incredible fans. I’m also looking forward to releasing a debut album and then going on tour to perform it for everyonein-person! I feel so honored and blessed to be able to do what I love each day.  







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