Stories by Keri Dolan

  1. miley_cyrus_text_message_phone_galore_mag

    Homeless women need #metoo more than anyone

    Ever since Harvey Weinstein was convicted of assaulting an unfathomable number of young Hollywood startlettes, the #metoo movement was lit into flames and what feels like every woman in the industry came forward to speak about their own encounters with men in power. While they each have had very real experiences that they have every

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  2. Maggie Lindemann spills her goth-chic style secrets

    Maggie Lindemann has quickly put herself on the map as the new it-girl to watch with her IDGAF persona and fuckboy-shaming anthems like “Obsessed.” While her 2.5 million Instagram followers and 8,290,080 Spotify listeners are notable attributes, one of the most epic things about her is how much her wardrobe embodies the goth-chic babe we

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