Stories by Ashley Uzer

  1. WTF should you even be wearing to a meditation class?

    As someone who’s never been an avid workout-class attendee, the outfit anxiety is real.  Somehow, whenever I decide to try a new class, I always end up being the only person in shorts. Every other attendee is in LuLuLemon leggings at minimum (but likely some trendier, more under-the-radar option), a cute and ridiculously strappy sports

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  2. Why do guys get so mad when you diss football?

    While many women were fawning over Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, you know, the one where she shaded football and UFC, many men were mad. No, they weren’t mad because she dissed Donald Trump, or because she spent way too much time on stage. They were mad because she had the audacity to talk smack about football. Have you

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