Stories by Ashley Uzer

  1. Why do guys get so mad when you diss football?

    While many women were fawning over Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, you know, the one where she shaded football and UFC, many men were mad. No, they weren’t mad because she dissed Donald Trump, or because she spent way too much time on stage. They were mad because she had the audacity to talk smack about football. Have you

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  2. romymichelle_galoremag_newyears

    7 New Year’s resolutions that will set you up for failure

    Did you know that only 8% of people actually succeed at fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions? Pretty bleak. But let’s be real, New Year’s resolutions are kind of dumb. Like, why couldn’t you have decided to get fit, or eat healthy, or stop entertaining fuckboys, at any point during 2016? But the real problem is

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  3. What guys really think of ridic Christmas lingerie

    The only thing better than ugly Christmas sweaters is ugly Christmas sweater lingerie, am I right? In the holiday spirit, we rounded up some of our fave festive lingerie pieces and asked dudes what they thought about it, which isn’t to say that you need a man to rock any of these pieces, because you def

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