Austin Mahone is our #1 Crush

Meet our Valentine, Austin Mahone. We are obsessed with Austin, this 22 year old cutie is the full package and we can’t get enough! Austin originally hails from San Antonio, Texas and now spends his time between LA and Miami. This heartthrob has been conquering teen hearts since he released his first covers on Youtube in 2011. Since then Austin’s had a major glow-up, just check out our hot new shoot with him! Almost too hot 2 handle! Austin just dropped his latest single a few days ago tittled Why Don’t we? and honestly we can’t stop listening to it. We got together with Austin and asked him a few things about love and other things…We  couldn’t think of a better guy to grace our cover for Valentine’s Day, Austin’s definitely our #1 crush. Check out our Q+A bellow!


Jacket: Moschino, Pants: Moschino, Briefs – Les Amis

Hat: Tommy Hilfiger, Necklace: Gold Gods, Jeans: Moschino, Boxers: Les Amis

What can we expect from the new record?

Expect to be dancing!

How does your new sounds compare to your old album?

It’s a Completely different style, the music really reflects who I am this time and my voice has matured so much

Have any breakups influenced any songs?

Yes, but a lot of my life experiences have inspired the music.

Who is your dream Valentine?
Rihanna.  She’s so talented, I’m such a fan. I really hope that the rumor about her 9th album is true. we need some new Rihanna music in the world.

Underwear: Les Amis, Jeans: G Star raw, Necklace: Stylist’s Own, Bracelets & Rings: Talents Own


What is your idea of a perfect date?

Spending the day on a boat in Miami relaxing. then pulling up to a restaurant on the water, Miami has all of these great waterside restaurants and you can just pull your boat right up. After dinner then we’d go out and dance somewhere.  Always dancing.

Miami or Texas?

haha I love both, Don’t make me choose.

Choose one  Photography or boxing?


How long have you been boxing and could you protect us from mugger on our date with these skills?

Ive been taking random Boxing classes here and there for years and oh yeah you’re in safe hands with me.

Hat: Tommy Hilfiger, Necklace: Gold Gods, Jeans: Moschino, Briefs: Les Amis, Socks: Les Amis, Shoes: MSGM

I have never dated an aries are they as romantic as the horoscopes say?


 As an April baby, do you like pulling pranks on people? If so, what’s the best one you have ever pulled ?

yeah I do, one time I got a fake tattoo to mess with my mom.

Worst date you’ve ever been on?

I was on a movie date one time and someone screamed there was a man with a gun at the theater and that was pretty terrifying

Favorite Restaurant?

Dan Tanas in LA!

Coat: Tommy Hilfiger, Underwear: Les Amis, Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger, Necklace: Stylist’s Own, Bracelets & Rings: Talents Own


Can you cook if so what would you make us on our first date?

haha I’m still working on my cooking skills.

What movie is your go to Netflix and Chill and why?

Any of the black mirror episodes, it gets you thinking and leads to some good conversation.

Who is your celebrity crush at the moment?

it may be Rihanna forever

Best qualities you appreciate in a girl?

Someone who has a good sense of humor

Jacket: Phillip Plein

What’s your favorite fashion era?

I like the era we’re in now! fashion evolves each year and it’s always something new and great .

What’s your perspective on female beauty?

It really is a lot more than just how someone looks. I feel true beauty is how someone carry’s them selves and treats others.)

What type of girl do you usually go for?

I really don’t have a specific type.

Do you have any advice for someone trying to move on from a failed relationship? 

Try to be positive because any negative energy or hate in your heart will make the split harder.

What is your guilty pleasure?

S’mores haha


How would you describe yourself in three words?

Calm, passionate, and dedicated

favorite album of all time?

that’s way too hard! I’ll go Drake Take Care for now cause I just listened to it again recently and it’s so great.

Give us your Valentine’s Day playlist-

Jacquees – You

Tone Stith – Good Company

Daniel ceazor – Wont live here

Michael Jackson – the girl is mine

Drake – Passion fruit

Jeremih & Ty dolla sign – perfect timing.


Suit: Strong Suit/Pontoglia Velluto, Watch: Lucky Brand, Necklace & Bracelets, Rings: Talent’s Own, T-shirt: D Squared, Shoes: G-Star

What’s your creative process like when making music?

It varies, usually I hear a beat I like then lay down melody ideas to it then put the lyrics to the melodies I choose.

You are also a photographer how did this come about and what medium do you like to shoot on?

One of my friends actually got me into it and I shoot on 35 mm film!

Who is your muse?

haha that varies

Do you fall in love quickly?

Sometimes I fall in Love on first glance at somebody

What does LOVE mean to you?

Caring about someone more then you care for yourself

Do you think sex on the first date is a good or bad idea?

I don’t think it’s good or bad, only you know what’s right for you and whats right in the moment.

Boxers ir briefs?


We love your workout vids, any tips for getting in shape for summer? 
A lot of cardio and making sure you eat right.

If you could make a song with anyone, who would it be and why?

Drake, his music has inspired me and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

Any fun guest stars in the new album?

that’s still a surprise!

What is next for Austin in 2019 and beyond?

A lot of New music and I’m going to be traveling everywhere!

Photography Prince + Jacob

Stylist Manny Jay

Stylist assistant Allan Kent

Grooming Anthony Merante

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