The Crowd LOL’d When Trump Said He Respects Women More Than Anyone

If you’ve been paying attention to the presidential debates at all, then you’ve probably heard Donald Trump say a lot of hilarious bullshit.

But boy, did his remarks about respecting women take the cake last night.

Believe it or not, but during a segment in which moderator Chris Wallace gave the candidates time to address how fit they really are to be president, the fact that Donald Trump has a growing list of women who are accusing him of sexual assault may have come up.

“Why would so many different women under so many different circumstances make up these stories?” Wallace asked.

Although he’d later go on to deny those allegations and blame Clinton’s “sleazy” campaign for digging these women up in the first place, the only thing anybody will remember is that Trump responded by saying, “Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Nobody.”

Unlike Hillary, whose icy demeanor matched the color of her pristine pantsuit, the audience couldn’t help themselves and started laughing.

Same guys, same.

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