Artist Focus: Million-streaming rapper Lit Reeezy shares details of his new album, Lost In Time.

Born in Baltimore but now based in Las Vegas, Lit Reeezy’s raw, passionate, and volatile brand of rap has gained him a large following. He’s gearing up to release his long-awaited new LP, Lost In Time. 

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Rapper Lit Reeezy has shared the news that his new album, Lost In Time, will be shared with the world in early March. 

The artist, whose birth name is Arya Shahbazy, has been quietly cooking up some of the rawest rap music of the last four years. As the great nephew of legendary Persian singer Afsar Shahidi and the son of composer Iman Shahbazy, Lit Reeezy’s emergence into the rap world saw him take a unique musical direction – even as he followed in the creative footsteps laid down by the generations who went before him. 

Still at a young age and with a massive underground fanbase behind him, Reeezy has built a formidable career. He currently boasts legions of listeners who have been affected by his soulful rap style, which touches on deeply personal themes like mental health, depression, anxiety, self-fulfillment, and relationships.

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Lit Reeezy dropped his first single ‘Damaged’ in May 2021 and quickly followed it up with the release of his debut full-length album Vulnerable at the end of that year. The album was impressive, showcasing an artist who could take a clear-sighted look at pain, suicidal thoughts, and resilience. Reeezy’s style can veer from being aggressive, sensitive, and frustrated to hyperliterate – all in a matter of lines. Whatever he does, he makes sure it’s always captivating and never dull. 

This is why tens of thousands of music lovers have latched on to Lit Reeezy – and why there was so much expectation about the follow-up to Vulnerable. The good news is that, in the last few months, Reeezy has been busy in the studio laying down the eight pristine tracks that make up his second album, Lost In Time. Fans will see what he’s been working on when it gets released on March 2. Three songs from the album – ‘Link Up,’ ‘Ballin’, and the title track ‘Lost In Time’ – will be released as singles, likely seeing Lit Reeezy secure a much wider audience. 

The news comes as the artist strongly advocates for mental health awareness. In recent months, Reeezy partnered with the City of Las Vegas and the First Friday Foundation to bring greater awareness about mental health challenges and help break the stigma around it. 

Beyond this, the artist has also moved into acting and will play a leading role in the new Hollywood psychological thriller The Final Party, which was shot in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Lit Reeezy’s eight-track album, Lost In Time, will drop on March 2nd. ‘Link Up,’ ‘Ballin’, and the title track ‘Lost In Time’ will serve as the lead singles from the album. 

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