Ariana Grande’s Got Herself a New Rapper Boyfriend

Ariana Grande is ready to put her donut-licking, I only wear my hair in a ponytail past behind her.

First, like almost every celebrity and brunette girl in America has done, she got bangs, and now she’s got herself a new rapper boyfriend to make out with at sushi restaurants.

On Sunday night, TMZ‘s little birds spotted Ariana Grande and Mac Miller getting their nom on at Katsu-Ya in Encino, California, where they were allegedly kissing and gigging the whole night, which sounds like a pretty adorable date for a new couple to have — and it looks like it too.


So far nobody’s been willing to come out and say that they’re dating, deeply in love, having a fling, sewing their oats, etc., but seeing as they’ve recently been spotted traveling together, making surprise appearances at each other’s concerts and sitting on each other’s laps on Snapchat, it’s clear that something not strictly platonic is going down between them.

In fact, it’s been a rumor since 2013 that something not strictly platonic was going on between Ariana and Mac, ever since they shared a tender kiss in a music video.


At the time, Ariana had a boyfriend and Mac was overcoming a pretty serious lean addiction, and he wasn’t shy about telling the press that they were just homies.

If only he could be less shy about telling the press that they’re not just homies now.

Then again, actions speak louder than words so maybe they’ll just keep packing on the PDA until the public gets the picture and starts shifting focus from if they’re dating to when they’re getting married.

Long live Ariamac, the homies who dared to cross the line.



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