Ariana Grande Was Too Nervous To Tell Ellen What a Dick Bicycle Was

ICYMI, Ariana Grande has a song out right now that’s about having so much sex that you can’t walk straight in the morning.

If that fact alone isn’t enough to convince you that “Side to Side” is genius, allow us to tell you that the song also features a guest rap from Nicki Minaj in which the phrase, “ride dick bicycle” is used.

While most women can hear that lyric and immediately understand what’s going on, some women, like Ellen Degeneres, are blissfully clueless.

So when Ariana Grande made a guest appearance on Ellen’s show, one of the first questions she got asked was WTF does dick bicycle means?

The audience laughed.

Ariana laughed, unsure of how explicit to be on daytime television.

After careful consideration she decided the answer was not very explicit and demurely replied, “Oh you know.”

Ellen countered, “I really don’t,” adding, “is that like a banana seat?”

The audience laughed some more, Ariana laughed some more and told Ellen, “kind of,” which is kind of true but also kind of not.

Realizing she clearly wasn’t getting anywhere with this line of questioning, Ellen moved on to grilling Ariana about her new rapper boyfriend.

Believe it or not, but although Ariana’s stammering continued, my interest in the interview waned to the point of non existence.

Ari bb, for the love of female sexuality, if you’re woman enough to sing about riding dick all night, you need to have the balls to talk about it too.

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