9 Apps To Help You Chill The F*ck Out

Our generation is known for being stressed. Not only do we have way more expenses and responsibilities, we have way more shit to distract us. On top of that, Trump just won the election to amp up the uncertainty of the next four years when you already had no clue what was going on with your life.

But instead of letting your phone make you wonder if all your friends are finding success and/or falling in love except you in between wondering which CNN push notification means the world is definitely ending, you can use your phone to actually help you chill. Well, if you download one of these apps and actually use it, instead of trolling Instagram and angry Twitter accounts.

1. Headspace


If you live in NYC, you’ve definitely seen ads for Headspace on the subways and thought to yourself, “hmmm, this makes me think I can actually handle meditation.” And guess what, you can! Just because you can’t go visit a guru every day doesn’t mean that you can’t take 10 minutes out of your day for mindfulness.

The app provides you with ten free meditation programs, but if you want more “packs,” you have to pay for them. Kind of a bummer, but if you read the reviews you’ll probs feel more confident that your 99 cents a month is well worth it.

2. Simply Being


As you can probably see from the screenshots, this $2 app makes it super easy to help meditation work for you. Pick the volume, sound, and time slot you want, and you’re gucci. It’s a little less “trendy” than Headspace, but the reviewers have nothing but good things to say.

3. 7 Second Meditation


Okay, if you still think that you don’t have time to meditate, this free app will convince you. You can legit meditate in the time it takes to microwave your Lean Cuisine, although I’m not sure if the microwave sounds can be considered “relaxing.”

4. Universal Healing – Pranayama


If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, particularly a hot yoga class, you’ve definitely done this kind of bizarre breathing exercise. Sure, it’s weird at first and kind of uncomfortable, but so is meditation. This free app lets you do the breathing shiz by yourself instead of with 30 other people in a hundred degree room, which is great.

5. Nature Melody


Unplug the Chainsmokers and turn up with some nature sounds with this free app instead. It might not be quite as lit, but it’ll probs help you relax a lot more than upbeat EDM will.

6. Happify


If meditation isn’t “fun” enough for you, then maybe Happify is the app for you. It feels more like a game then something you “have” to do, and studies have shown that it increased happiness in 86% of participants after two months of using the app. The basic version of Happify is free, but you can unlock more activities with various subscriptions that range from $11-55.

7. Personal Zen


Here’s another game-like app that’s free and scientifically designed to make you happier and less stressed, according to a supportive study in the Clinical Psychological Science journal. The only catch is that you have to play for 25 minutes a day, but if you’re already spending that time playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds, might as well.

8. The Worry Box


Metaphorically throwing your worries in a box and forgetting about them sounds great, unfortunately it’s not real life. But, maybe writing them down in a free app and closing it up could help? That’s what The Worry Box aims to do, on top of teaching you stress-management techniques.

9. Gratitude Journal


Instead of focusing on the negatives, this $3 app helps you to focus on the good things that make you feel #blessed, even if you may not normally pay attention to them.

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