The Yoga Moves That Will Give You a Better Butt

If you don’t know much about yoga, it’s easy to shrug it off as “not a real workout” or something that’s more about stretching than strengthening.

But the thing is, yoga is all about what you put into it. Sure, laying down in Savasana probably won’t do anything, but if you push yourself and do the right moves, yoga can be pretty intense.

We reached out to LA-based yoga instructor Alexis Novak to find out which yoga poses will improve your booty, no squat rack necessary.

Getting started:

Start in downward facing dog. Do the following sequence on one side, then repeat for the other side:

2. Crescent lunge with back leg pulses

To get into a crescent lunge, step one foot out in front and bend your knee while keeping your back leg straight. Keep your hips squared and extend your arms up. To get into the glute, take a small bend in the back knee to isolate the “thut” (thigh/butt area). Keep your upper body and front knee isolated and stable. Only move the back knee, small inch in and small inch back. Bounce for 10 reps.

3. Full airplane, low flying airplane, hands to the ground

From crescent lunge, straighten out your back leg and bring back your arms, try to keep the chest elevated.

Lift up the back foot off of the mat.

Making a “T” shape with your body, hold the balance by recruiting your glute and hamstring muscles.

Reach your hands down to the mat for “standing split” pose.

3. Shiva squats

From standing splits, bring your lifted leg down partway and squeeze your inner thighs towards one another.

Make yourself into a little ball.

Extend your leg back up into a standing splits and repeat 10 times.

4. Chair pose/Uktasana

Put both feet on the floor, and fold forward.

Then, stand up and extend your arms up in front of you.

Sit back like you are sitting into a chair with your butt back.

Take the c-curve out of the lower back by pulling the belly button in. Chest up, light pressure on the toes and ball of the feet. Then pulse in chair for 20 reps.

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