Antje Utgaard Spills The Top Mistakes You’re Making On Instagram

Antje Utgaard is kind of a big deal. With her killer body and blonde locs, she’s being called “the next Kate Upton.” Last month, she reached over 600k followers on Instagram. Galore caught up with her to learn some of her Insta keys to success.

So can you tell us some top mistakes you see others make on Instagram?

I think you just have to space out selfies with not too many professional photos. Followers want to see you and get to know you. Posting consistently is important, and with captions I try to talk about what I’m doing. I use quotes, but only if they aren’t cliché. I do less group pictures, because followers want to see what you’re doing and not what other people are doing. So not too many group photos. You have to cater to your audience, remember why they followed you, and just stick to your brand.

Do you edit and filter your own social media photos? What are your favorite apps?

Yes, I do everything myself. I use Facetune sometimes, and PicMonkey for the computer. For professional photos I just use the Instagram filters, but I try to keep the original photos because I trust that the photographers know what they’re doing.

We noticed that you have a back-up Instagram account, what’s your reasoning behind that?

Back in July, my account was down for three weeks, like it was deleted for 3 weeks. Instagram later called and apologized, but I just use it as insurance and it has over 50k followers now.

Lots of people are doing this thing where they delete their old Instagram posts, how do you feel about that?

I like to be totally organic, like if a photo doesn’t do well, I keep it up anyway. Maybe I’ll delete older photos here and there, but I still have old photos from when I first started the account, because I think that’s important to see.

So you used to be brunette, but now you’re blonde, what’s your natural hair color? Do you feel like going blonde has helped your Instagram presence?

I was born blonde with blue eyes like the rest of my family, there are 11 of us and we’re all blonde. My eyes have changed color, now they’re more of a hazel, but someone told me that I should go back to blonde and that it would be cool to try and I just went for it, and now I can’t imagine being darker. I love it. It was around the time that I hit the 50k mark and I don’t think it has really changed much for Instagram, but I love it, especially with people calling me like the next Kate Upton.

That was totally my next question. People have definitely dubbed you the next Kate Upton, what do you think of that comparison?

I like it, I was always a big fan of hers. She’s an icon, so I really really like it.

You’re obviously aware that your amazing boobs and sex appeal in general have helped you grow your social media presence; do you feel that there’s anything wrong with using your sex appeal to further your career in the entertainment industry?

I don’t see anything wrong with it, I think if you have it, flaunt it. I think some people are shy about their curves and some people want you to be ashamed of what you have, but I’m comfortable with my sexuality, so if you have it, flaunt it.

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve gotten out of your huge social media following?

So many opportunities. Social media is a huge gateway. From being noticed by Maxim and Sports Illustrated, to meeting a lot of celebrities and attending events, there’s just so much opportunity and it’s opened a lot of doors.

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