Anni Haase Can Help You Plan The Perfect Summer Roadtrip

One week until the major Summer festivities begin, and hopefully you’re planning at least one road trip getaway with your gals. Road trips are a great way to see some parts of the world you haven’t seen, bond with your peeps, and save the hellacious price of a plane ticket. Road tripping is always an experience, no matter who you are or where you go, you’re sure to return a little more worldly and self sufficient with a chock full of new stories. All you need are snacks and a playlist, not even a set destination. German world traveler Anni Haase is no stranger to the magnificence of road trips, so she spilled on everything you need to pack in your car to have the absolute best time on the road.


What are 5 pieces you must bring on a trip no matter what?

Black boots from Vagabond, my hat from Free People (you can wear it either if it’s hot or cold outside), my black/golden small bag from UO, it also has a small bag inside which you can use as your purse. You can remove it to use as a clutch! It’s perfectly versatile. Any crop top, and some comfortable loose trousers. These ones from Married to the MOB will help you stay comfy on the road!

How do you whittle down your wardrobe so you have room for all your stuff in one suitcase?

I am really organized when I pack my suitcase, ’cause I am determined to make everything fit. I always tell myself “It will fit!” Remember to save a little extra room for souvenirs.

More importantly than choosing what to leave behind, how do you decide what shoes to bring along? 

I always bring a pair of boots, some sneakers, sandals and a pair of heels. Currently I am obsessed with my lace up wedges from Steve Madden.

Do you advise packing light, then buying whatever you need on the trip?

Pack everything at home that you’ll need on your trip, because it’s annoying being in another state or even country and having to search for things. That’s a waste of time and you will never find exactly what you need. And why spend money on the things you already have? Just take it with you so you won’t have to stress, and you can enjoy your trip more.

What do you bring when you’re going to be traveling to multiple destinations with different climates in one trip?

Summer clothes and shoes can be layered with jeans and long sleeves. One big jacket (I like this one from JOYRICH) and a pair of Timberlands in case it gets chilly! In Germany we say it’s the “Zwiebelprinzip” which means “Onion principe”… you’re layered up like an onion!

What’s the best plane outfit for when you’re going from the road directly to an event and don’t have time to change?

High boots, black plain jeans, a thin turtleneck sweater, and a classy leather jacket. At the moment I am obsessed with a red one that I found in a vintage store here in London.

What products do you bring in your day bag to keep you feeling fresh on the trip?

Lip balm, my favorite German concealer, Anti bacterial gel for your hands (especially because rest stop bathrooms tend to be dirty), mascara which makes you look more awake if you feel like you need it. I also love products from my friend Anna Hofert, she makes a German cosmetic line called SCHöNHEITSFARM POSITANO. I wouldn’t go anywhere without them, they keep me fresh and my skin looking amazing!

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