Anne Hathaway Boldly Mocked the Kardashians on Their Own Turf

Anne Hathaway decided to further cement her status as the worst celebrity on Instagram this week by posting a meme that mocked the Kardashians. Yes, that’s right, she mocked the Kardashians on Instagram — their own turf. Why didn’t she just fly to Calabasas and burn a DASH flag right in their perfectly nontoured faces, for god’s sake?!

The post in question was a meme with a picture of Helena Bonham Carter. “In a world of Kardashians,” it read, “be a Helena Bonham Carter.”

Predictably, people called out Anne for shading the Kardashians. Instead of just basking in the burn, though, Anne opted to delete that post and put up a new one pretending that she hadn’t realized the first one was rude.

It never occurred to me I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace x

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It’s like, really, Anne? It never occurred to you that telling people not to be like the Kardashians, you were dissing the Kardashians? How did you get into Vassar?!

This insistence on seeming squeaky clean and inoffensive is exactly why people don’t like Anne Hathaway. It just seems so fake, especially when Anne was so capable of bad bitch behavior in movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Brokeback Mountain.

Then again, the original meme isn’t exactly clever or funny. We’ve seen these “in a world of Kardashians” memes over and over again, comparing the Kardashians to Marilyn Monroe, Princess Di, and plenty of other famous celebs who really weren’t all that different from the Kardashians or anyone else who’s famous for a living.

These memes are annoying because they imply the Kardashians don’t deserve to be famous while other celebrities do because they bring more to the table than a reality show. But really, there is no “world of Kardashians.” The Kardashians worked hard for their fame, whether people like them or not.

Actors love to look down on reality stars and other “non-talented” famous people. Cosmopolitan has a whole list of the nastiest things celebs have said about them. And it kind of makes you wonder: what’s really that different between an actor like Anne Hathaway and a reality star like Kim Kardashian? Sure, Anne Hathaway reads lines off a script. But she also gets by on her appearance and hasn’t shied away from nudity in the past for her work. She and Kim attend the same red carpets, get written up in the same magazines and websites, and have similar levels of fame. Anne Hathaway’s not curing cancer or something. She’s just an actor!

Maybe Anne realized this when followers started commenting as much on her original Instagram post, and that’s why she took it down. Or maybe she just didn’t want to be accused of “pitting women against each other” because it would make her look bad and no one wants to seem anti-feminist in 2016. Either way, you have to question the judgment of someone who deletes that Helena Bonham Carter but leaves this intact.


But back to the original point: if Anne Hathaway wants to dis the Kardashians, she might want to find a different platform. After all, she’s only got 3.9 million followers on Instagram to Kim’s 71.2 million. Kiiiind of embarrassing. If you’re gonna come at the queen, you’d best not miss.

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