Anna Nicole Smith 4EVER: We love an icon

Photographer, Alexa King, has always been so in love with Anna Nicole’s vigor, life, and spirit. 

The best part?

Randomly, her best friend, Katie, resembles the blonde bombshell. So, of course, the duo decided to re-create Anna Nicole’s vibe through an iconic photoshoot!

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The two had been saving the photoshoot for a day when Alexa’s mom, Janice, could join – she does amazing work with makeup and hair.

Alexa, her mom, and her bestie (creative dream team?) had so much fun bringing Anna Nicole and J. Howard Marshall to life! We are obsessed with what they did in this shoot.

Anna Nicole 4EVER!!!

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Photography: Alexa King

Model: Katie Blackburn

Makeup and Hair: Janice Kinigopoulos

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