All Your Fave Models Are Obsessed With This OG Beauty Vitamin

Models come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s one thing they all have in common: they have really good hair. 

Like, seriously envy-inducing hair. 

Sure, they have professional stylists, and the most high-end products, but even the fattest bank account can’t buy real, strong, full hair — can it? 

After doing a little digging on the ‘gram, there’s something some of your favorite models and Instagram girls all have in common, and that’s Perfectil.

What’s Perfectil? Think of it as the OG, science-based beauty vitamin that was around way before any sugar-y, animal shaped gummies. 

The UK-based brand, who count Heidi Klum and Rita Ora as fans, was launched all the way back in 1986. This was before many of their fans — including Victoria’s Secret model Sadie Newman — were even born. 

Rosa Crespo

In fact, Perfectil was one of the first true cosmeceuticals in the UK. 

What’s a cosmeceutical? It’s basically any product taken orally that claims to have cosmetic properties. 

Today, hearing about a hair vitamin is nothing new, but back in the 80s or 90s, it was. Sure, women may have taken supplements that were said to help hair growth and fullness (such as Biotin or Folic Acid, both of which are popular today), but a specifically designed vitamin that combined an array of science-backed nutrients was something new. 

Perfectil has some important differences from the hair, skin, and nail gummies you’ve been buying on Amazon. Firstly, the really comprehensive formula. Secondly, it’s the only beauty vitamin to receive the Queens Award for innovation on the basis of its clinical research.

In fact, they come in three main formulations: Perfectil Hair, Perfectil Skin, Perfectil Nails, in addition to the Perfectil Original that targets all three concerns. 

Fashion influencer Rosa Crespo prefers the hair supplements for her thick, dirty blonde mane.

“My hair is growing stronger and thicker than ever and I’ve already turned a couple of my friends onto their products and they’re just as happy with the results,” she says. “Perfectil also makes skin and nail supplements, which I’ve thought about trying too, but the hair one has been really great for me. You’re supposed to see maximum results in 90 days, and I feel that I saw results sooner in my hair feeling thicker and stronger and breaking less when I use hot tools on it.”

The newest Victoria’s Secret Angel, Alexina Graham, prefers the skin supplement to deal with the dryness she tends to get from her hectic travel schedule.

“I don’t usually believe in this kind of product, but this actually helped my skin become healthier and give it a boost of shine—I really see a massive difference,” she says.

Roosmarijn de Kok, on the other hand (pun intended) goes for the nail supplement. 

“I take Perfectil for my nails,” she says. “They used to always break, but now they are finally growing out stronger than ever!”

Whether you’re looking for stronger nails so you can finally rock the stiletto look, or you want a boost for your skin for a makeup-free summer, we’re all about beauty that comes from the inside first. 

And after all, when multiple Victoria’s Secret models and one of Gigi Hadid’s nail artists swears by a product, you know it’s good. 

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