A spiritual and musical journey: Chilean singer-songwriter ‘I AM’ presents “ECDYSIS”

Since last October, Chilean singer-songwriter ‘K Sotomayor’ has adjusted her stage name to ‘I AM’, as a way to honor who we are and more importantly, not forget it.

Her debut album as a soloist -after having shared hits for stars such as Selena Gómez, DJ Snake, María Becerra and Sofía Reyes- is “ECDYSIS”, an extremely interesting repertoire due to the melody, the interludes, the selection of names and the spiritual experience to which it invites.


In this ‘I AM’ interview she shared a little about her philosophy and her way of seeing the world through music and how she uses it as a path to self-discovery.

This conversation will give you a new dimension of the artist and will take you to know a little about the human being who inhabits her talents.

We would first like a little personal context. What is your name and why did you choose I AM as your stage name? 

My name is K. In my songwriting career, I have gone by “K Sotomayor” for quite a while. I AM is a name that came to me in guidance. I see it as a reflection and an invitation to something bigger than myself. I feel we have chosen to forget who we are, here on Earth. And I also feel it is time to remember. That together We (All) Are. 

At what age and how did you start making music? 

I was always quite musical, there was a large period of my childhood in which I was surrounded by people who played instruments, either family friends, friends in school, or spiritual mentors. The cultural influences from Chile and Brazil have always been very immersed in music, and so has my family; none of them are musicians, but all love music, to this day my house back home has many tribal instruments my mom hangs around the walls. She got me my first guitar in high school after I wouldn’t leave her alone about it, unfortunately my sister broke it pretty fast and we didn’t have much back then, so then she got me a harmonica instead: I think she regretted that even faster. 

How were your beginnings in the industry? 

Growing up in Chile I didn’t really know much about the music industry: It wasn’t until I was living in NYC and moved into an apartment in Williamsburg with guys that were a part of it that I realized, “Wait… I can write music for people…?”. And that is how it all began. 

How would you describe your personal and spiritual journey from the plains of Chile to Los Angeles, influencing your music and the creation of “ECDYSIS”? 

My spiritual journey has been nothing but a trip. From the womb to today. I was born with a very intense sense of purpose, if you can even call it that at such a young age, I just didn’t agree with what humanity was being taught about love. I had a very hard time in school because of it and got into a lot of trouble just because I didn’t believe in a God that had rules in order to be worthy of love. I still don’t. Luckily, my mom is an angel and has allowed me to have guidance and support as I figured myself out. And in my music, I want to give that to people, something to heal with, in company. And a place to find support as they go into their own journeys. 

The album “ECDYSIS” is inspired by the molting process of reptiles, especially snakes and dragons. How did this connection arise and in what way does it reflect the essence of the project? 

ECDYSIS is what I called “Part I”. The skin shed represents shedding what no longer serves us. Once we remember who we are, and welcome back the voice of our hearts as our guide, the mind has a lot to let go from, in order to walk in our own power. Which most of the time, if not always, feels like swimming against the stream. This process can feel excruciating, letting go is very tender; The reptile goes into an almost self-hypnotic state in order to do it. They allow themselves to feel, to process, to form, as they shed their old skins for new ones. 

Each song on “ECDYSIS” is named after a different woman. Could you share more about choosing this approach? 

Women are All holy teachers. I am very grateful for having been a student. 

How do your musical roots, which include bands like Soda Stereo, Pink Floyd, and indigenous sounds of the Mapuche tribe, influence the creation of your music as I AM? Do you know that ice cream that has three different colors? I have always liked mine all mixed up, it truly tastes better to me. That is the way I feel about music, about sounds and frequencies in general. I don’t want to pick one, I don’t believe in that when it comes to healing. I love these bands, I love these sounds, and I want them all, into one. 

How did you select the women whose names you titled each song on the album? Do they represent real people in your life or are they symbolic characters? 

They are all very much real. 

The inclusion of interludes and use of humpback whale songs in “ECDYSIS” are fascinating creative decisions. Why did you decide this and how do these elements contribute to the overall experience of the album? 

Whales are incredible intrinsic healers. The frequencies of Whales are similar to me as the ones found in certain Medicines, Mushrooms, and Ayahuasca specifically. They are heart opener frequencies. I am here to help guide the opening of the hearts. Whales are essential to my music, and to the world, since they are not only magnificent, but they are responsible for more of the oxygen we breathe than trees. If whales die, so do we. 

How would you describe the conceptual unit of “ECDYSIS” and how does it reflect your musical style and preferences? 

As you mentioned perfectly before, I love rock bands. I think Rock is a masterpiece, good Rock has lyrics that could be written down as a poem, and the instruments work together in spiderwebs-like patterns, perfectly intertwined. ECDYSIS has that intention; I wanted to create a body of work, something that to me felt cohesive in my process of becoming, and therefore I could share it with the world. 

In addition to being a multi-platinum songwriter and producer, you have worked with renowned international artists such as Selena Gomez and David Guetta. How has this experience influenced your evolution as a solo artist? 

I have always loved working with other artists and being a part of what they are here to do and say. Working with artists who know their message is very inspiring and influential, and watching some find theirs is equally incredible. Collaboration is a gift. I have learned so much about how this world works through other creatives. I am an alien, and I most of the time need help with that. 

The album’s structure carefully balances songs and interludes. How did you decide on the arrangement and relationship between these pieces to achieve a distinctive flow? 

In Part I, the very first stage into remembrance, the songs themselves are what I call “The Human”, playful, hurtful, a bit confused at times, and holding onto faith. And then the interludes are to me The Higher Self, the voice to the Mother that keeps you going throughout it all. Funny enough, the interludes didn’t come to play until the very last stages of the making of the album; I guess I wanted to sprinkle a bit of where I am today. 

What is the meaning behind the name “SOPHIA” and how does it relate to your spiritual and musical vision? 

Sophia is the way I refer to God. It is not a way to tell others how to do it themselves. I truly don’t believe God really cares how we refer to Her. (He, It, whatever makes us feel good). In terms of my musical vision, I am here to deliver a message, it comes as I walk. 

Your song lyrics explore human relationships and self-discovery. Can you share a specific experience that inspired one of the songs on “ECDYSIS”? 

I think the songs are quite specific in their lyrics and melody. Just close your eyes, even if you don’t speak the language. You’ll know how I felt. It is all there. 

How do you hope the audience perceives this sonic and emotional journey? 

I hope they can feel the love that is in every second; I hope they can recognize all the hidden whale songs and sounds, and they remind them that no matter how hard the path home is feeling right now, they are truly held, and that it is ALL a part of it. 

What artists do you admire right now? 

Novo Amor. 

Three songs that can’t be missing from your playlist? 

November Rain (Guns & Roses). 

Love of My Life (Queen). 

Repeat After Death (Novo Amor) 

Describe this album in one short sentence 

Remember Who You Are. (And Don’t Forget)

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