A Black-owned swim brand to make you feel high fashion on your roof & 5 more things I’m obsessing over this month

On one hand, it feels like retail therapy is one of the only joys we have left in a world where most of our typical leisure activities are now deemed unsafe or presently illegal. On the other hand, is there really even a point in buying a new bikini if nobody is going to see it? Is there a reason to re-decorate your bedroom when you know that you won’t get to impress any Bumble dates or frenemies with your meticulously organized statement bar cart at any point in the near future?

I don’t know, but I do know that people (including myself) are still shopping (with or without their stimulus checks, that’s not my business), so here are my faves of the month. 

1. The perfect summer sun-dress 

Tiger Mist Nixie Dress

One day in May, after walking to grab vegan Thai food with a friend, I got back to my apartment feeling sweaty AF. I wanted to throw something cute, light, and comfy on before I ate, but I realized I didn’t have anything. So, I made it my mission to find the perfect summer sundress (what is a sundress? TBH I don’t know, and neither do the guys who claim to love them). 

I’m not sure I found something that I can easily throw on, but I did have a friend recommend that I check out Tiger Mist. She claimed that it’s one of the only places she orders from where she never needs to return anything (which is a big deal, especially because they’re based in Australia). 

I ordered three super summer-y dresses from there, and really loved them all (and wished I had bought more)—including this dress that I felt was the perfect mix of sexy and sweet. 


2. This 19-year-old artist that creates elevated (and sometimes sensual) artwork for your walls

Acts of Love 1 by Joelius Dubois

Before the pandemic, buying and hanging art on the walls of my apartment had been on my to-do list for about a year. Now that I’m spending so much time in my apartment (and am supposed to have much more free time, although somehow I don’t seem to), it felt like the perfect time to start buying some art. 

While I have still not hung anything up, I did come across an artist on Twitter named Joelius Dubois and ended up purchasing two of his prints from his “Acts of Love” collection. If you couldn’t make it out to protests, try your best to support a Black creator this month, next month, and every damn month this year!  


3.  This Black-owned swim brand to make you feel high fashion at the pool (or on your roof)

Sunlight Muse Kate Strapless Bikini Top $70 + High Waisted Bikini Bottom $80

Somehow, even though many of us don’t have a pool or beach easily accessible, my friends and I all seem to need new swimsuits (to be fair, we live in LA). Hey, maybe you just need something new to take bedroom selfies in, I’m not judging you. 

Black, female-owned swim brand Sunlight Muse creates bold suits that are almost classic, but with a futuristic twist. If you’re a fan of high-waisted bottoms that suck everything in, you’re going to love these.


4. This bumpin’ song (and music video) to remind you that Blac Chyna is not going anywhere

I love a bitch who’s about her money, and TBH Blac Chyna always has been. Did you envision Blac Chyna pivoting to music? I didn’t, but I’m so here for it. She is about her bag and she’s riding her wave to remind you that she’s just not just dippin’ out after her 15 minutes. She even sings, “I’m just tryna ball, Till my money tall as China walls” in her latest track.

The song (+ accompanying music video that was just released) is called “Seen Her,” and it kind of snaps. Also, her ass is ridiculous in this video.


5. This eye cream that will replace your trusty freezer spoon method

As If by Nassif #EYEWANTYOU Eye Cream

We all have heard that you’re supposed to start using an eye cream in your 20’s, but have you really ever noticed a difference between your fancy eye cream and your drugstore eye cream and those two weeks you didn’t use any eye cream because you were backpacking through Thailand? TBH, I haven’t.

A new eye cream by As If by Nassif (yes, that’s the Dr. from Botched), has actually found a way to differentiate itself from every other eye cream I’ve tried. It comes in an applicator that basically doubles as a massager/depuffer (think your mom’s freezer spoon method, but better). They call it a “microspa” and they call the eye cream #EYEWANTYOU. And tbh, you should want it too.

You can use the code ASHLEY15 to snag your own for 15% off (they also have an entire skincare line). 


6. This statement ring with it’s eye on the prize

Need a statement ring for all your dates to comment on when they run out of small talk? No, you don’t, because you’re probably not going on dates. But you might enjoy this slightly creepy, but really cute Rhys Kelly ring anyway. 


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