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    11 Instagram Accounts That’ll Make You Want To Move It

    As a Nike Women’s MVP Influencer, yoga instructor, and all around health enthusiast, here are some Instagram accounts I’ve come across that leave me feeling inspired! Some are for workouts, yoga, and all around inspiration! Also, if you have any personal favs, comment below! 1. The Cleopatra Lee — @thecleopatralee            

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    The Secret To Clear Skin Can Be Found In Your Fridge

    “Djali, what is this brujería you’re up to?” my mom asks as she opens the fridge and sees containers of random concoctions I’ve stored. You can honestly save a shit ton of money just by opening your kitchen cabinet, pulling out a few of mother nature’s gifts, and smacking it on your face. So here

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    Hardcore Yoga: 5 Core Strengtheners to Help You Invert

    When one hears the word “yoga,” certain staple describers come to mind: “flexibility,” “zen-ness,” “enlightenment,” and “vegan.” But yoga is also a lot about strength and your engaging your core. If you’re working on your handstand, like I am, or on your headstand, or any other pose that involves inversions, do three sets of each

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    Don’t Skip Breakfast: Fun Fruit Recipes

    Skipping breakfast should not be an option, regardless whether you are running to make your 9:00am class or need to catch that 10:15 train. Being all healthy yogi girl, I’m constantly surfing the web (lol, that was so 2005 for me to say) for easy-to-make recipes to try out. Here are some that I’ve found

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    #JustBendit: Tips For Increasing Flexibilty

    For most of my friends, the following is true: they run, work out, and enjoy going to Soul Cycle, but can’t touch their toes. Whenever I invite them to yoga, they usually decline and give me the b.s. excuse of, “But Djali, I’m not flexible!” Yoga classes are like anything else: the more you practice,

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    Easy Breakfasts For A Boss Bitch’s Busy Week

    Greetings from my refrigerator! Spring break is over, and I’m really sad, but that’s not the focus of this post. Let’s talk about sleep. Sleep is important. If we get a sufficient amount per night, we look and feel healthy. Conversely, if we’re sleep deprived, well…that’s an entirely different story. I don’t know about you

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    Pop That: Spring Break ’15 Playlist

    Djali Brown-Cepeda might be the coolest 18 year old we know. She currently runs Family Swank on Mass Appeal, is a certified yogi and happens to be the cutest DJ ever! There is something so sweet and genuine about her–she doesn’t try to be anything, she just is. That’s why we thought Djali would make the perfect Spring

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    6 Juices That Are Great For You & Don’t Taste Like Shit!

    I’m FourFiveSeconds from wildin’: the first day of Spring is next week and I’m beyond ecstatic. March is always a shitty month when it comes to weather—if you live in NYC like myself, you’ll understand the constant struggle of fluctuating weather patterns. So, in order to keep our bodies strong as we say #ByeFelicia to

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