9 Random Ass Twitter Accounts Kim K Decided to Keep Following

Yesterday, queen Kim Kardashian West logged onto Twitter and decided that 13 people she was following weren’t up to snuff and banished them from her sight forever.

This still left 108 people in Kim’s good graces, and while some of them, like her family or Ryan Seacrest, made sense, a handful of them seem random as fuck.

Here are some of our favorite randos Kim K couldn’t bear to say goodbye to:

1.Demi Lovato

Did you know Kim was a Demi stan? Neither did we.

2. Joe Francis

We always conveniently forget that Joe Francis, the man who had the bright idea to create the “Girls Gone Wild” franchise, is a Kardashian family friend. Wonder why.

3. Epic Women

This is kind of cute, but also kind of basic for Kim.

4. Pharrell Williams

Not that we have anything against Pharrell, but why?

5. Elizabeth Taylor

In case you forget, Kim as a Liz Taylor stan who wanted to buy the screen goddess’s house, but decided against it because the garage was too small and therefore not practical.

6. UberFacts

@Uberfacts says it’s a source for “the most important facts you’ll ever have to know,” but is it really?

7. Oprah Winfrey

Nobody is immune to Oprah’s charm.

8. Robin Antin

Robin founded the Pussycat Dolls.

9. Bitch Problems



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