9 Random Ass Kardashian Family Friends You Never Knew About

The Kardashians are a very popular clan.

Thanks to social media, we know a lot about who everybody is BFFs with, and yet there are some Kardashian family friends that get kept on the low.

Or are just so random that we forget about them every single time.

Here are 9 of our favorite random ass Kardashian family friends. Enjoy.

1. Miley Cyrus


Thanks to Kendall and Kylie, Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians go way back. 

Even though they’re not the kind of friends who call each other up to get sushi at Nobu, whenever they’re in the same room they exchange pleasantries and stop to take a photo.


2. Kelly Osbourne


The Kardashians and the Osbournes have a lot in common. Both families have/had their own reality TV shows, are household names, and are both run by a strong, DGAF matriarch with short hair.

While it’s long been rumored that Kris and Sharon secretly hate each other, Kelly has admitted that she’s friends with some of the Kardashians, namely the little ones who are super into fashion and don’t tend to cause as many problems in the media.

3. Rachel Roy


Back in the day, before Kim discovered Atkins, she was super close with alleged Becky with the good hair Rachel Roy.

Now they don’t hang out as much. Go figure.

4. Joe Francis


Joe Francis is the man behind “Girls Gone Wild.” Kim is currently staying at his beach house with her two small children. This shows you how deep of a family friend he is, and helps explain how Kendall and Kylie got the idea to twirl around a stripper poll while pretending to flash their boobs when they were preteens.

5. Jessica Alba


This is a real throwback friendship.

6. Mel B


Mel B is so close with the Kardashians that not only was she invited to Kris Jenner’s Gatsby-themed birthday last year, but she was also present at Kim’s first baby shower.

7. Drake


Ever since Drake performed at Kylie’s Sweet 16, he’s popped in and out of their life. While they don’t seem to hang out that much outside of family parties, it’s not exactly like he’s trying to hide from the association.

8. Nicole Richie


On the one hand, this friendship isn’t very surprising. Kim used to Nicole’s BFF Paris’ sworn frenemy. Of course they know each other.

But did you know that Nicole and Kim knew each other way before Paris and that they used to be BFFs in grade school?  And that they’re still pretty damn close now?

Adorable, right?

9. Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan and Kourtney Kardashian are both a little wild, so it’s only fitting that this June they ran into each other in London, realized they were long lost twins and spent the whole night partying with each other.

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