8 Lip Rings You Can Buy to Copy Kim’s Hot Topic Look

When Kim’s not busy walking around looking like a 1970s earth goddess, chances are she’s wearing her Hot Topic chic lip ring.

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While not everybody’s comfortable walking around town looking like they’re cosplaying as a 2003 scene queen, emo is due to have a massive comeback this year, so you might as well start giving into your angsty emotions and raging against the machine that elected Donald Trump as president.

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And luckily for you, most fake lip rings are cheaper than a cocktail and come in a variety of styles ranging from cute to WTF is on your face.

1. The Double Trouble Ring

Double the ring, double the cool points the local mall goths will give you. Plus it comes in 13 different colors so the accessorizing options are endless!

2. The Vampire Teeth Ring

Whether you’ve always dreamed of getting snake bites like your idol Blac Chyna or just really have a thing for blood suckers, this lip ring’ll really distinguish you from the other posers out there!

3. The More Balls the Merrier Ring

Not only does this ring show the world you’ve got balls, it also doubles as a fake septum ring.

4. The Did You Just Put Your Ring On Your Lip Or Is It Supposed to Look Like That Ring

For the girl who wants to take part of emo culture without wearing black or dying her hair a Manic Panic stain.

5. The Bling Ring

Just because you’re fake doesn’t mean you can’t be fancy af.

6. The Twisted Sister Ring

Like the old saying goes, the twistier the lip ring, the more tormented the soul.

7. The No Nonsense Ring

Because sometimes a girl wants all the emo edge without any of the negative emotional side effects that usually come with the package.

8. My Beautiful Bright Gold-Filled Fantasy Ring

Who said lip rings couldn’t be punny.

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