8 Gifts For Your Friend Who’s Kinda Instafamous

Instagrammers exist on a spectrum, from the ones who throw up any photo that looks good to the ones with a curated, artsy feed.

While many of us are somewhere in the middle, we all have at least one friend who puts more thought into her Instagram feed than what she eats for breakfast. While these gifts are great for your every day narcissist, they’re especially thoughtful for a friend who wants to take their Instafeed to the next level.

1. Selfie Light Case


This is the infamous Kim K selfie case that lights up to make front-facing photos look actually decent. Maybe one day grainy selfies will be a thing of the past, but until then, we have light-up selfie cases.

2. Off-Camera Wireless Flash


Anyone who has ever been victimized by a washed-out photo knows traditional camera flash is trash. Nova offers a more natural looking flash that can be used for selfies as well. The only drawback is your friend will have to hold it — it doesn’t attach to their phone like the selfie case.

3. Screen Protector


A cracked phone screen can motivate anyone to quit Instagram. Stop the problem before it becomes one.

4. iPhone Lens Clips


This is a kit with two lenses — a macro and a wide-angle — that can attach to your phone. These are perfect for extreme closeups or landscape photos, so I especially recommend it if your friend’s feed is travel-centric.

5. Portable Phone Power


Honestly, everyone needs portable phone power. Regular phone battery power just isn’t cutting it. But, for someone who is constantly snapping and editing photos on their phone, extra battery power is essential.

6. Lens Filters


These lenses can enhance skin-tone and scenery. They can even be combined for super unique images. They work better than in-app filters because you can take the photo with the filter in mind rather than applying it later. Your friend with six different apps for filters alone will appreciate this.

7. Selfie Stick


If they don’t already have a selfie stick, they don’t know how life changing it is. This is also the only way taking a group selfie is ever convenient.

8. iPhone Tripod


This iPhone tripod has a remote shutter so they can attach their phone and take photos from far away. This is good for anyone’s fake candid photo needs.

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