6 Ways To Break In Your Heels Fast

New shoes? No problem.

There’s nothing worse than putting on a new pair of heels and then realizing that they’re the most painful things ever. Usually, we just wear them anyway. Then we end up with more blisters than we can count (boohoo).

But there are a few ways to avoid buyer’s remorse, discomfort, and legit pain. Look below for our 6 ways to break in your heels fast, and try them out yourself next time you’re planning for a big night out.

1. Grab a pair of super thick socks.

2. Put on your shoes over the socks.

3. Set your hair dryer to its hot setting, and blow dry your feet for about 30 seconds.

4. Use the hair dryer for longer on the spots that feel particularly tight on your feet.

5. Move your feet around while blowdrying to increase comfort.

6. Walk around your chic apartment/dorm room wearing your heels.

BAM: Your shoes are perfect. The end.

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