6 Things I Obsessed Over This Month That Would Make Great Gifts

There are some gifts that most people will be happy with: a bottle of wine, an Amazon gift card, a candle, a cologne, a box of fancy chocolates. But there are other gifts that get people really excited. Gifts that make them say, “damn, you really went all out.” Or, “Wow, you know me so well!” Or even just, “You have such great taste!”

Isn’t that the reaction you really want when you give someone a gift? Or is gift giving just one of my love languages? Either way, here are some of my favorite items as of late that would make fabulous gifts for your friends, loved ones, or yourself!

1. Personalized Jewelry That Makes a Statement

Tres Colori Block Name Hoops, $99

Nameplate necklaces have gone in and out for a while, and I’m still grateful for the one my grandma gave me in my teen years, but Tres Colori takes monogram jewelry up a notch and a century. While they offer more classic styles, they also offer XL hoop earrings with name decals that are somehow subtle and bold at the same time. If your giftee isn’t a big earring gal (or guy), check out their high quality rings which are also fabulous. Seriously, when I posted a close up of my earrings on the gram, a zillion people asked me where I got them, so your friend will probably want some too!


2. Activewear For Cooler Temps

Bandit Queen Evelyn Seamless Scooped Neck Set, $44.99

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean your activewear can’t be cute. Instead of spending another paycheck on Lululemon, consider supporting a woman of color-founded small business. Bandit Queen’s founder Sepali started her activewear (and now jewelry as well) brand because she wanted to see more South Asian women in the health and wellness industry. Some of their designs include traditional Indian patterns and slogans about being proud to be brown—but since I’m not personally South Asian, I opted for the above set because it’s perfect for cool weather workouts! It’s also super affordable, which makes it a great gift for your gym bunny friend that won’t break the bank.


3. Heels That Will Match Your Christmas Tree

Arch NYC Moscow Mule in Cactus, $160

What’s tall, green, and fir-y all over? Not just your Christmas tree, but also your shoes if you snag these heels from Black-owned footwear brand ARCH NYC. If green isn’t your thing (although it is the color of the year), these statement sandals also come in rusty orange or classic pink. If you prefer cozy over couture, they have a slipper version too!


4. Forget the Fruitcake for Something More Fun

Hervé Edibles Infused Macarons, $20/box of three

Got a friend who prefers to live the high life (in more ways than one)? You’re going to want to gift them a box of Hervé’s magical macarons. Not only do they come in deliciously crafted flavors like birthday cake and raspberry, but they also each pack 10mg of THC per macaron so your friend can take some time to seriously chill this holiday season…or just find a way to tolerate their relatives.


5. Luxury Lingerie At A More Reasonable Price Point

Honey Birdette Kukuro Jade 3-Piece Set, $315

I know you might be thinking, “$300 for a lingerie set is a reasonable price point?” But hear me out…a bra from Agent Provocateur will run you about $300 alone. Honey Birdette, on the other hand, will sell you a bra, suspender, and panty for the same price. And, no shade to their competitors, but I think Honey Birdette’s styles are way cuter, and more current than many pricy lingerie brands. If this jolly green sex machine look isn’t doing it for you, check out their site—they have so many unique and edgy styles. Plus, you can ditch those furry handcuffs your ex-boyfriend bought you and upgrade to one of their luxury bondage kits. Gentlemen, if you’re reading this: Lingerie isn’t an appropriate Christmas gift for your girlfriend, but it’s a nice add-on gift to something you already got her—and it doubles as a gift for you too 😉


6. High Quality Skincare for a Complexion That’s Been Left High + Dry

Ren Clean Skincare Evercalm Recovery Serum, $49

Of the many things I hate about winter, one of them is dry skin. If you’re looking for me on a cold winter’s night, I’m probably in the bathroom applying a third layer of hydrating products to my face. But, after many years of slathering on creams or oils, I’ve lately been obsessing over this recovery balm from REN. It’s a balm rather than a lotion, so it goes on super smooth and soft, plus keeps my skin hydrated without adding unwanted grease or shine. The size is a little small for the price tag, but it’s a perfect stocking stuffer for your resident skincare freak.


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