5 Ways to Spot a F*ckboy

It is 2017, and also the month of love, in which couples who are together are happy and celebrate a day that is filled with love, joy, and happiness.

It is also a reminder for the single people, like me, who are gladly happy to not be dating a man that is a waste of your time with a f*ckboy. What is that, you may ask? A f*ckboy is a person who does not want a relationship and only wants to waste your time with his bullshit. Here are your top five ways to spot a f*ckboy.

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Social Media Is Key

The old saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Well, if all he does is follow hot girls, maybe you can judge. If he isn’t showing his way into your heart and genuinely interested in you for YOU and not for your social media popularity, scoot him out of your life and DM’s. Also, if he tweets that he wants to “be low and build,” there is a high chance that he isn’t wanting to build a relationship with you.

Say No to Yeezy Addicts

There is nothing more sexier than a man who knows how to put an outfit together. But, do you want to know what is a huge turn on? A man that doesn’t wear Nike slides with a Supreme hoodie, a Yeezy Season 5 shirt, and True Religion jeans. If he wears every designer label and is more focused on trying to look like Russell Westbrook rather than Russell from down the street, he is a HUGE walking hazard label.

In addition, if he is more interested in dressing like he is going to New York Men’s Fashion Week rather than trying to be with you, don’t lead your heart that way.

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“I Left My Card At Home”

This is one of the signs of a fuck boy that is obvious to many women, including myself. If a man purposely leaves his credit card or any form of money at home, don’t go on a date with him. A man that is interested in you is willing to invest as much money as he can on a date with you. If he doesn’t pick up the check on the first date, check him out of your life.

“Who’s Your Friend?”

There is nothing worse than talking to a guy that you’re interested in you that wants quality time with you and your friends. Now, it’s not a bad thing for a guy to be around a girl and her friends. However, if a guy is more interested in talking to your friend and interested in you, remove him from your life and your phone. If a guy is asking for information about your friend and still wants your number, that is a good chance he is a f*ckboy.

Communication is a MAJOR KEY

All of us have different ways of communicating with each other. From texting and phone calls to FaceTime and text messages, if someone is willing to talk to you, they will make a way for you.

However, if a guy tells you he doesn’t have FaceTime on his phone but is constantly posting selfies on Instagram and Snapchat, he’s not the one for you. Unless he’s taking pics from a Canon Rebel and uploading them to IG that way, in which case, he has too much time on his hands and he is someone you need to move on from anyway.

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