5 Movies We Want to See Released for the First Time Again

Missing Twilight? Hard to believe with so many new Young Adult films being churned out one after the other, plus the amount of trending Youtube videos showing the actors saying themselves how much they hated the 6 film series, but if you still stare at that Taylor Lautner poster night after night we have good news for you. Five new short films to be directed by five aspiring female directors selected by Stephanie Meyer are to premiere on Facebook next year. Even if you aren’t a fan of Twilight however this news has got us thinking about what other film obsessions we would like to see brought back on Facebook (Or in any way really).

Jennifer’s Body


Ok, so Megan Fox was essentially the hottest woman alive as a boy killing monster goddess in this movie but we are dying to see Amanda Seyfried go on a killing spree in a reboot of this flick.

Josie and the Pussycats


Who didn’t fantasize about Josie and Alan’s wedding at the end of this movie? And what about the pussycats world tour after the crowd freaked over “Spin Around”. We want to see this hot girl band keep kicking ass even though they already defeated the evil record label.

Mean Girls


Because Mean Girls 2 doesn’t count, that movie was a travesty and we deserve a redo.

The Craft


Hot, badass female witches? We don’t think we can ever get enough of that.



Can we have a movie solely about Catwoman but starring young Michelle Pfeiffer please? Is that possible?

Gimme More POP

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