The 16 Best Celebrity Comebacks in 2016

While there have been plenty of downfalls in the land of celebrities this year, there have also been some pretty killer comebacks.

From renewal of our favorite shows to new album releases to just good old-fashioned drama, we’ve definitely had a lot to talk about. Take a look at 16 of our favorite comebacks of 2016.

1. Vanessa Hudgens

After a series of flopping films, Vanessa Hudgens reminded everyone just exactly who she was when she took the role of Rizzo in Grease Live. Not only did she deliver some serious acting and vocal chops, but she still managed to give an absolute badass performance just a day after her father passed away. This girl deserves endless props.

2. JoJo

She’s back and better than ever. In October, JoJo rose from the early 2000’s grave when she released her latest album, Mad Love. Not only did she supply us with a sh*t ton of new music, but she also announced a 2017 tour. Somewhere, my 10-year-old self is convulsing. We know you are too.

3. Nick Jonas

We always knew knick was sexy, but this year he glo’d the fuck up. Have you seen those photos from his Wonderland Magazine shoot? Or that whole shower scene with Shay Mitchell in the “Under You” music video? And then he was a frat boy in “Goat”? There is seriously nothing hotter than Nick Jonas as a frat boy. Plus, he released a series of super popular singles like Close and Bacon.  So all in all, it was a damn good year for Nick J. And for us too.

4. Joe Jonas

The Jonas Brothers, who? Like his little bro, Joe Jonas took 2016 by storm with his own solo projects that left everyone pretty much forgetting that the Jonas Brothers ever existed. His band, DNCE, completely slayed the charts and has made quite the name for themselves in a super short period of time. We’re excited to see what they do in 2017.

5. Zayn

Not many people can leave the most popular band in the world and then dominate the charts the following year as a solo artist. But, Zayn Malik did just that. In January of 2016, Zayn released his first single, “Pillowtalk,” and the world basically erupted. Especially since the music video  was basically four minutes of him swapping saliva with Gigi Hadid. The track debuted at number one in the US and the UK and was quickly followed by his first solo album, “Mind of Mine.” Additionally, he started dating the hottest supermodel on the planet. 2k16 was v good to Zayn.

6. Lauren Graham/Alexis Bledel

Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel found their way back into the spotlight this year with the revival of “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix. The universe pretty much has been unable to stop talking about the show returning after a nearly 10-year absence. While there was some drama, such as whether or not Melissa McCarthy was invited back, the newest version of the series was raved about and returned exactly how it left.

7. Rob Kardashian

So, 2016 was more of a coming back to the face of the earth rather than like a popularity comeback for Rob Kardashian, but that counts right? You can’t deny that he has had one of  the biggest turnarounds like, ever. One minute people were questioning if he was alive or not, the next he was gracing the tabloids every other day featuring the latest dramz with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Blac Chyna. It was a pretty good year for Rob. He knocked up his sister’s boyfriend’s baby mama, got engaged, had his own reality show… Not too shabby.

Still, the turmoil’s not over. Most recently he’s found himself sitting in a giant, Eggo-less house wondering where his child is. Poor Rob can’t catch a break.

8. Mandy Moore

It seems as though 2016 was the year of reviving our favorite things from the 2000’s. We are most def not complaining. While Mandy Moore was significantly MIA for a good period of time, the singer/actress returned to the tv screen this year with her hit NBC show This Is Us. She’s even already landed a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the series. It’s good to have her back.

9. Selena Gomez

2016 was definitely a rollercoaster for Sel, but it seems as though people just can’t seem to get enough of her, even when she’s completely inactive. Although she definitely had some serious difficulties, she also made tremendous strides this year. Her Revival tour received raving reviews, she became the most followed person on Instagram (70 million, guys), and of course, her heartfelt AMAs acceptance speech had everyone bowing down to her. She has also just signed a reportedly $10 million deal with Coach to not only star in campaigns, but design a line as well. We hope 2017 treats you well, bb.

10. Lady Gaga

In 2016, Lady Gaga officially redeemed the throne of pop queen with the release of her fifth studio album, Joanne. While no one actually ever forgot about her, this album reminded us just why we love her so freaking much. She completely revamped her sound and showed everyone what she is truly capable of, as if we didn’t already know. Not to mention her emotional interview with CBS pulled the heartstrings big time. Bow down to Gaga.

11. Blake Lively

Blake Lively may have stolen the throne from Kourtney Kardashian this year as the number one MILF. After a few years of being pretty much nonexistent media-wise, Blake returned to the face of the earth with the release of The Shallows where her banging bod was on full display as she fought off sharks in a teeny bikini. She also won the 2016 award for relationship goals due to the endless adorable photos of her and Ryan Reynold’s children. Ugh. To be hot, blonde, and have a husband as sexy as you are.

12. Beyonce

2016 was the year of Bey. While it’s not like she was in any need for a desperate career launcher, the release of Lemonade skyrocketed Beyonce’s level of royalty status into heights no one knew were possible. There is literally NOTHING that gets people’s attention more than an angry woman singing about her cheating husband. This album had me angry at a boyfriend I didn’t even have. Plus, to top it all off, she also put on literally the best tour of all time. All hail the queen.

13. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Okay, so like neither one of them really made a comeback work-wise, but their relationship did and that’s what really counts. All faith in love was restored again when Miley was spotted with her engagement ring back in July. While no one knows when the actual wedding will be, there are plenty of wacky endeavors between the two of them that will keep us entertained in the meantime. Such as that whole butt painting escapade and when he bought her that rainbow ring where she claimed how he “always know how to make my ‘grubby little kid fingers’ *SHINE*!!!”. They still cute though.

14. Bruno Mars

After four years of no music, Bruno made waves in 2016. First, he kicked off the year with a bang when he performed at the Super Bowl halftime show with Coldplay and Beyonce back in February. Then, he released a brand new single, ‘24k Magic’, where an album by the same name followed in November. Most recently, he’s announced a tour for 2017 and we are pretty damn excited about it. Welcome back, Bruno.

15. Britney Spears

2016 was the year for a lot of things, but it was most definitely the year of reviving our favorite pop divas. Nearly 10 years ago, Britney allegedly flushed her career down the toilet when she performed Gimme More at the 2009 VMA’s. However, when she took that same stage for her 2016 performance of Make Me with G-Eazy, critics were flipping the f*ck out. She slayed on every level possible and had people talking about her even weeks after the show. Plus, she also released a brand new album. It’s Britney, bitch.

16. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has been on quite the hot streak this year. While she hasn’t actually released any new projects, our summer covergirl has had people talking about her literally every other day. From her fashion choices to her vocal opinions to her various romantic endeavors, Bella was most definitely a hot topic of 2016. We can always count on her to keep it entertaining.

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