11 Songs to Pump You TF Up if Hillary Wins

Tonight’s election could go one of two ways: either we’re going to make history by electing the first female president, or we’re going to elect an orange toilet.

Because we aren’t going to elect a racist piece of trash, we’re going to elect the first woman ever! And since you need tunes to celebrate this momentous occasion, we have put together the perfect playlist for you and your girls to get down to later tonight.

Thanks us later when you get into these jams for your election celebrations.

1. Man I Feel Like a Woman – Shania Twain

Honestly, is there a more iconic song? Probably not. This song is completely saturated in my memories of my childhood. It’s probably why I have such strong feminist views, so thanks for that, Shania. I love this song just because it’s so fucking fun and it’s one of the only country songs that makes you feel good about being a woman.

2. That’s My Girl- Fifth Harmony

Probably one of the most recent songs on this playlist, but it still goes the fuck off! Fifth Harmony has several other songs about female empowerment, but this is def the most blatant. It’s all about supporting your fellow girl, and when Hill wins, I’m going to be screaming “That’s My Girl!”

3. F**k Boy- Trina

Such a rager of a song, and if anyone was a fuckboy during this election, it was Donald Trump. Considering he has done nothing but brag about how rich he is, I find this line from this track rather appropriate: “But money ain’t shit when you soft as hell.” BOY BYE.

4. Who’s That Girl?- Eve

If you think about the obstacles that women rappers have to overcome to make it in comparison to the men, it’s pretty staggering. Eve is no exception, and this track is basically about forgetting the haters in your life and still doing you. Staying focused is the best thing you can do when people are trying to tear you down, and Hillary embodies that.

5. Can’t Hold Us Down- Christiana Aguilera ft. Lil Kim

This is truly an iconic track and it doesn’t really need much explanation because of the title. No one can hold us down, not the misogynists, not the racists, not the xenophobic! Hill will prevail. Plus, the last 30 seconds of this song breaks down into this really groovy melody that I love.

6. I’m Every Woman- Chaka Khan


7. Love Me or Hate Me- Lady Sovereign

Lady Sovereign, could there be a more fitting name on this playlist? Nope, but this track says everything I wish I could have said to my mom when I was ten and she still chastised me over my manners. This definitely questions the standards of what it means to be “lady-like”, and if you don’t like it, fuck you.

8. Formation- Beyoncé

This is another really recent song. Beyoncé has a list of other songs about supporting other girls, but this def tops the list as one of the most empowering. Queen Bey herself has even endorsed Hillary.

9. None of Your Business- Salt-N-Pepa

Mind yourself and don’t judge others is basically the anthem with this Salt-N-Pepa track. Plus it’s so vibey and the trumpets really add to the overall sense of accomplishment that we will all be drowning in once Hill wins.

10. Ladies- Sarai

This is def a standout from this playlist. “Don’t matter if you’re black or white, all shapes and sizes spread love world wide, I mean we all the same color inside,” Sarai raps, which basically encapsulates this entire election.

11. Spice Up Your Life- Spice Girls

There has never been a girl group that brought together in girl power and empowerment as The Spice Girls did, and this song is all inclusive of basically everyone, which is what we need. The world needs more people like the Spice Girls and Hillary to bring us together, and less Trump types to rip us apart.

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