10 Pairs of Sock Boots For Under $70

Okay, there’s no denying it. Sock boots are clearly a thing. It started with Vetements and Yeezy, it continued with cheap knock-off versions on all your fave online retailers, and it (surprisingly) didn’t finish with those $5 sock-boot tutorials.

If you haven’t already given in to the trend, it’s about time, because you know you want to. But just in case the whole sock-as-boots look doesn’t become a classic (which we assume it won’t), don’t spend 2 grand on a Vetements pair. Instead, spend under $70 on a way cuter pair from one of the stores you already love to shop at.

1. Twinkle Toes

Leave it to Missguided to make the most glam, girly, fun-ass pair of sock boots we’ve ever seen. How can you hate on cold weather if you get to wear these?

2. That Luxe Gym Sock Vibe

Like gym socks, but better. These would go equally as great with an oversized tee as with a going out top and skirt.

3. To Brighten Up The Winter

Another pair of sock boots for the chick who doesn’t want to blend in with all the other sock-boot-wearing ladies.

4. For The Hailey Baldwin Stan

Hailey Baldwin’s collab with Public Desire are the shoes of every Instagram-girl’s dreams. These boots were made for walkin’…and for being worn with everything you own this season.

5. For The Green Goddess

Crush it, literally, in these olive green booties to keep up with the velvet trend and the sock-boot trend.

6. For The Classy Betch

Black goes with everything, but these boots up the ante with a little tortoise shell detail at the heel. Even if the sock-boot trend goes out of style, these hopefully won’t.

7. Getting Elevated

Nothing like a good platform to ensure that you’re high af while also comfy af.

8. Optical Illusion Boots

Are they socks and heels? Are they sock-boots? Are they some other weird-ass combination? Nobody will know but you.

9. Leaving Nothing To The Imagination

Who knew that slutty feet would be a trend in 2016? Kim Kardashian, that’s who.

10. Miss Nude Bootie

Because now you can elongate your legs while also keeping your legs warm. Woo!

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