10 Reasons Why We Love Troye Sivan

It seems that people just can’t seem to get enough of Troye Sivan and honestly, we are some of those people.

The 21-year-old Australian singer/songwriter took the stage at Terminal 5 for one of the final nights of his Suburbia tour this week and proved to be a heartthrob amongst genders of all ages. The show was an experience in itself and if I could hit rewind, I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Take a look at some of the highlights from the show that made us only love Troye a million times more.

1. It’s clear that Troye shares an equal admiration for his fans as they do for him.

Troye spent a significant amount of time interacting with his fans throughout the show. He spoke directly to the crowd, grabbed their hands from the stage, and even had the entire venue sing happy birthday to a fan. It felt more like a giant party than a concert TBH.

2. He isn’t afraid to voice his opinion on controversial issues.

Troye, being a proud member of the LGBTQ community, was vocal about his disappointment in the results of the US election. However, he did so in a completely eloquent way. He didn’t single anyone out, he just simply stated that everyone should always feel loved and accepted and that it was up to us to make sure of this. He also stated he was proud of the way that everyone has unified in response to the election. While one audience member yelled “Don’t talk about politics!” We applaud Troye for using his platform, as always, to spread positive messages.

3. He is entirely, 100% himself.

Troye doesn’t hide any part of himself and quite frankly, it’s f*cking awesome. He doesn’t conform to gender roles, is an absolute sweetheart and isn’t afraid to completely let loose and dance onstage.

4. He can dance.

While we’re on that note, let me tell you, this boy can MOVE. He swiveled and rolled his hips in ways I didn’t even think were possible. Step aside Beyoncé and JLO, Troye is taking the award for best onstage dance moves. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this picture, shall we?

5. He is passionate about his music.

Many of the songs off the Blue Neighborhood album are incredibly powerful and touch on some personal topics. Troye’s passion when he sings them is evident and the feeling of experiencing them live is overwhelming. Ngl, I teared up a little.

6. He’s hot.

There’s no denying it. Look at that face. Prior to his sultry rendition of “Too Good”, Troye asked the audience if “it was ok to get a bit sexy for a minute.” Yes Troye. It is more than ok.

7. He loves his family.

Sappy. We know. But, Troye takes his parents with him on tour and it’s pretty friggin adorable. The two were spotted in the audience by some seriously dedicated fans.

8. He’s honest.

We all know that when a singer says “Goodnight! This is our final song!”, they don’t actually mean it.  Troye was off the stage for not even a minute before he began his encore and stated, “I don’t know why I even bother. You guys know I’m coming back.”

9. He is humble and grateful.

I think I lost count of the amount of times Troye thanked the audience for being there and supporting him. He genuinely is just doing what he loves and doesn’t act for a second like he’s any sort of celebrity.

10. He’s fun to party with.

Well, we can’t say we know this firsthand but we can imagine it. Troye shared that while he was at first overwhelmed by New York, he can’t get enough of it and that it’s a crazy place to party. Can we come next time Troye?

Photos by Keri Dolan


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