The top 10 best money-making jobs for millennials

There are many ways to make some money (some illegal and sketch as hell, some not). But, if you want to live lavishly for a long time, you might need to reconsider those “get-rich-quick” schemes you found off the internet. Ballin is a BIG MOOD and to help y’all start off on the right path, here are the top 10 best money making jobs according to US News. Get ready to see them $$$ in your future.

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Massage Therapist

Massage Therapists use their magic touch to help clients that deal with pain, stress and various injuries. In order to become one, you must be physically strong, a good listener and have to know about Anatomy and Physiology. They tend to work in spas, gyms and health care facilities however, some Massage Therapists travel to offices, private homes, and even their own living spaces. You don’t need a degree for this job, just a license.

Work-life balance: Hella high
Stress level: Hella low

Average $$$: $38,040

Interpreter/ Translator 

If you are fluent in at least two languages (and no, anger isn’t a language), and are great at reading, writing, listening, and speaking in those languages, then being an interpreter/translator is perfect for you. Around 20 percent of interpreters/translators are self-employed, so you can make your own schedule and decide your own workspace. Other interpreters/translators tend to work for agencies, or in courtrooms, schools and hospitals.

Work-life balance: hella high
Stress level: eh, average

Average $$$: $44,190

Insurance Sales Agent 

Becoming an insurance sales agent might sound boring at first. However, if you are confident, a strong communicator, and self-motivated, this job might be perfect for you. Insurance sales agents contact clients to sell all kinds of policies like heath, home, car, property damage and life insurance. They create their own work schedules, and this job doesn’t require an advanced degree (but in many states, it does require coursework and a special license).

Work-life balance: hella high
Stress level: eh, average

Average $$$: $48,200


Cartgraphers use satellite images, land surveys, light-imaging detection, and ranging (LIDAR) technology to create maps! In order to be a cartographer, you need to be great at math, know how to navigate a computer, and have vast geography knowledge. Cartographers also work for architecture and engineering companies, science organizations or government entities. BONUS: they have opportunities to travel to places they’re mapping.

Work-life balance: eh, average
Stress level: hella low

Average $$$: $61,880

Web Developer

In order to become a Web Developer, you need t0 have technical skills like coding and an understanding of web traffic analytics. It is also great if you are artsy-farsy and understand graphic design. You also need to have strong communication skills so you can follow a  client’s demands to the T and transform their idea into a “functional, attractive finished product.” Web designers also mainly work from home so #lazyftw.

Work-life balance: hella high
Stress level: hella low

Average $$$: $64,970

Radiation Therapist 

If you are interested in making a direct impact in people lives, and if you are a great listener/ are empathetic, becoming a radiation therapist might be the path for you. They provide medical care to cancer patients in their most vulnerable moments. Radiation therapists uses CAT scans and X-rays to figure out where to target radiation treatment, administer radiation doses and keep detailed records of their work.

Work-life balance: hella high
Stress level: hella low

Average $$$: $80,220

Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical engineers have to know how to design, build and test tools and machines. In order to be a Mechanical Engineer, you need to be good at math, problem-solving and mechanics.  You also need to think outside of the box so you can imagine solutions to difficult problems, have a great sense of communication, and be a good collaborator. You also can work with cool new technology, like 3-D printers.

Work-life balance: Hella high
Stress level: hella low

Average $$$: $83,590

Computer Systems Analyst

Thinking about being a Computer Systems Analyst? Well they learn how to understand clients’ business needs and how technology can help them. They also help “install new and upgraded digital systems and train other employees how to use them” (according to U.S News). In order to truly work as a Computer Sytems Analyst, you need to analyze problems, come up with solutions, and communicate with business managers and technology workers.

Work-life balance: eh, average
Stress level: eh, average

Average $$$: $85,800

Dental Hygienist

In order to become a Dental Hygienist, you need to clean teeth, take mouth X-rays and provide “preventive services” like  screening for cavities and oral cancers. You also have to remind people how to properly brushing and flossing their teeth and suggest which products to use. Fun Fact: around half of dental hygienists don’t work full time, they work part time!

Work-life balance: hella high
Stress level: eh, average

Average $$$: $72,330

Software Developer

All of the apps that are on your phone (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) are created by software developers. They make “custom programs for clients or fix bugs in extant software” (according to US News).  This career needs people who know how to code on computers, great at paying attention to detail, creative, and have the ability to solve problems. You can work from home, and/or work in a group of like-minded individuals.

Work-life balance: hella high
Stress level: eh, average

Average $$$: $98,260 

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