These 10 beauty trends will be literally everywhere in 2018

We are days away from 2018, and it’s time to start thinking about what beauty trends you’re ditching and adding in the new year.

We’ve been beyond overloaded on everything from cut crease to highlight and contour, and as the new year approaches, it’s time to figure out what’s hot and what’s not.

There are over 48 million people who are obsessed with knowing whats next and according to Pinterest, they’re searching these new trends which will be everywhere in 2018. Since we all know Pinterest is basic b*tch mecca, you can bet that these are the beauty trends that will be totally overdone next year.

Keep reading below to get hip to what’s going to be hot in the new year.

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1. Long and thick lashes 


Brows are still one of the most important features but 2018 is all about long and thick lashes. With eyelash extensions, mink lashes and mascara that makes your lashes longer, definitely look forward to seeing more dramatic lashes on women everywhere.

2. Natural oils 

You can’t go wrong with natural oils. Coconut oil helps make your hair long and shiny, Jamaican black castor oil helps treat acne, heals scars and moisturizes your hair. When you do your research you will discover a long list of benefits from natural oils that will benefit your hair and skin, as well not breaking your bank like many skin creams or treatments.

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3. Diversity in makeup brands 

Everyone knows that Rihanna broke the internet with her Fenty Beauty launch featuring 40 shades of foundation. Not that she was the first but she promoted diversity from the start. From her sales and support throughout the beauty industry we are seeing that being inclusive really is the wave and in 2018 consumers want to see more of that in not only products but marketing and branding as well.

4. Longer hair 

Longer hair styles are the most searched hair looks for 2018. Long Nicki Minaj-inspired hair extensions or even shorter styles with a little added length is what you can expect to see a lot of people rocking next year. Long bobs or pixie cuts with fullness are also super dope looks that will be more popular in the new year.

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5. Nail designs 

A classic manicure is timeless but many people are looking for ways to spice up their nails. Designs on your nails such as rhinestones, special effects or random nail art seems to be peaking peoples interest. We saw the hologram nails take over Instagram this year but next year is more about actual nail designs like the marble inspired nails pictured above.

6. Bright eyes

Believe it or not, bright eyeshadow is going to be very popular next year. With a 63% increase in searches, people are interested in ways to incorporate bright eyeshadow shades with their everyday looks. Also, neon under eye liner and inner crease shadow are also expected to be seen everywhere in 2018.

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7. Facial Rollers are the go-to beauty tool 

A few days ago we mentioned the Jade Facial Slimming Massage Roller, an ancient beauty product that allegedly rolls away inflammation, reduces toxins in the skin and preps the skin for whatever products you’re using on your face and is only $9 in a recent article. Well it seems as if people all over are learning about this little tool and we will probably be seeing more of them in 2018.

8. All-in-one makeup kits 

For the people who don’t know much about makeup or like to do the bare minimum when it comes to cosmetics, all-in-one makeup kits are for you. Many people love these because instead of purchasing a bunch of expensive products that you probably will only use on special occasions, you’re able to get the basics of what you need all in one. Most of these kits are inexpensive and will last you a long time as well.

9. Natural tone lips 

We’re definitely going to see more of an everyday natural wave of makeup in 2018. Lip tints, natural shades and matte finishes are definitely going to be the go to in 2018. Glitter and shiny will still be cool for special occasions but for the everyday makeup looks make sure to grab your favorite natural shade in a lip gloss or lipstick.

10. Wet and wavy hair 


Prepare yourself for slick back styles on shorter lengths and wavy/curly hair on medium to longer lengths. With an 166% increase on this search on pinterest, get ready for your favorite celebrities to be rocking these new styles very soon.

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