Jen Atkin tells us how every celeb will do their hair in 2018

You probably know Jen Atkin as the mastermind behind the hair styles of Chrissy Teigen and Kim K but she’s also a total boss in her own right. Her haircare line The Ouai, (pronounced weigh, yes I recently learned that) has super sleek package design is surprisingly affordable.

At the NYC launch of her new anti-frizz sheets (a sheet mask for your hair, like you won’t believe) this week, Jen talks to us about taming frizz on the go and why everyone is going to make the chop in 2018. Find out more below!

What was the inspiration behind the laundromat design of the pop up?

Our team was just brainstorming and since we’re coming out with anti-frizz sheets, we were thinking about the way that they look and what are the themes that go with it and we were talking about how we love puns, like get sheet faced, sheet happens, you won’t believe this sheet, so once we did that.

We were like, you know what would be so fun? To go with a laundromat vibe. We started drawing it out and then we decided let’s do it in New York and build out the space and make it this great photo moment. There’s a cute flat lay moment, a good photo op, and then we have our team here to answer questions. We’ve never done a pop up where we have merch available so we really wanted to do that. It’s been awesome, this morning we had a flood of people, some girls were waiting outside for an hour. It’s insane and it’s so much fun.

Everyone knows about sheet masks for your face but can you tell us about the anti-frizz sheet masks for your hair?

You wont believe the sheet. We basically have been working on it for eight months. The team sat down and this is something that we felt like you’d want in your purse, girl on the go, you’re in the car running to a meeting, a date, and you’re like oh my god my hair looks crazy. Especially for winter months. We put it in individual little packets and you can put it in your purse. It’s a hemp paper so it’s eco-friendly and it has coconut oil that’s going to help tame frizz and shea butter which gives shine to the hair so it’s incredible.

What do you think is going to be the ultimate hair style for 2018?

Honestly, I just recently made the chop and went really short. I feel like girls are going to keep going short. I really do.

I want to do it but I’m totally scared!!

I know, I was so scared too, I was like terrified and I had Anh Co Tran cut my hair in LA and I just like I need to feel what my clients feel in the chair, like that panic… like what’s my identity, who am I, what am I doing?! I was trying to be cool about it, but afterwards I felt so good and I haven’t looked back. It’s crazy, but I have a lot of clients asking for short hair.

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Which of the products do your celebrity clients ask for the most?

I would say the ones that are the biggest hits in my own personal kit are the dry shampoo foam for sure, texturizing hairspray everyone loves, and the supplements are amazing. The supplements were really the reason I wanted to do a hair line, just to teach girls about internal hair health as well as external so that’s been really amazing and it’s been fun to just watch. The wave spray is great too, it’s hard to really choose. Everyone has a different favorite because they all have different hair types.

I love the way the shampoo smells.

Right! Our fragrance sold out in three days. The fragrance is our main scents from the shampoo, oil, and the texturizing hair spray. From day one, our DMs have been flooded with people saying they want fragrance. It immediately sold out, but we’re doing a new run of fragrance in February so if you didn’t get it the first time you can get it the second time. We have three scents one is Mercer St., it’s very light, it’s like my favorite and then we have Rue St. Honore and Melrose Place. They’re all named after streets that I frequently go to in my travels. They roll on and I’m obsessed. I would love a candle of these scents. Stay tuned! I sparingly use it because I just don’t want it to run out.

Whats funny is when we were figuring out what we wanted our fragrance to look like we crowd sourced the whole thing. At first we were going to have them three different colors and like a little emoji to represent each city, but everyone wanted it really simple and clean and I think it looks so good. The products are literally straight from our team and crowd sourcing from our followers and our community that we talk to all the time. It’s like a new way of creating product and girls are really running the conversation because we know what we want. My office is literally 96% girls, I’m going to get in trouble, I have to start hiring more boys, but it’s so fun. Were excitied to be in New York, we’ve never had our own real life event and it’s been such a great experience.

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