Zoe Saldana Says She Uses Rum As a Beauty Product

As the child of Caribbean parents, I’ve always appreciated rum.

It comes in practically every flavor, it makes me feel like I’m on vacation when mixed with pineapple juice, and it’s a key component in piña coladas.

But Zoe Saldana is proving that it’s way more versatile than I once thought.

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In an interview with Byrdie, Zoe said, “In the islands, rum isn’t only for drinking. You can actually put rum on your hair. If you put it on your ends, you get sort of an ombre thing.”

As the Toronto Sun also reports, Zoe used this hair method so often that her neighbor even tattled to her parents because she smelled so much like booze that they assumed she was drinking underage, which is high key hilarious.

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When paired with the sun, rum naturally bleaches your hair. Since ombre remains super popular, considering we’re all too lazy to actually keep up with dying our hair completely, this sounds like a cool way to achieve that look minus the expensive salon trip.

Plus, apparently rum increases circulation on the scalp, fosters healthier hair growth, and opens up the hair shaft to allow it to soak up more moisture. So putting rum on your hair won’t just lighten it, it’s totally good for you.

If that isn’t enough evidence that you absolutely need to go out and stock up on rum, nothing else will convince you. But I’m here for any news that justifies my alcohol purchases. Cheers!

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