Guinness Is Actually Good For You, So Turn Up

The only thing better than chugging beer and getting turnt on St. Patrick’s Day? Chugging beer guilt-free.

Guinness, one of the most famous Irish beers, used to put the slogan “Guinness is good for you” on its ads, and it turns out they’re actually kind of right.

You know how people claim that pure dark chocolate is healthy because of antioxidants? Well, same holds true for everyone’s favorite dark beer to use for Irish Car Bombs.

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Back in 2003, researchers from the University of Wisconsin revealed to the American Heart Association that Guinness had “antioxidant compounds” that were similar to the ones found in fruits and vegetables, according to Men’s Health.

These compounds are lit, because they slow down cholesterol deposits on artery walls. In fact, people used to be given Guinness post-surgery because of the beer’s high iron content. Pregnant women and nursing moms were even told to have a pint, lolz.

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Obviously, this doesn’t mean that Guinness is low-calorie or won’t make you sick after chugging 10 of them. But hey, everything in moderation, right? Besides, you were going to get drunk today anyways, might as well get drunk on an Irish beer in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, in the name of health of course.

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