Zemmoa releases “The Early Years”

Mexican singer/songwriter, Zemmoa, releases her 6th album – The Early Years, an ode to her early career and music that was finally able to be released from her MySpace Days! We celebrate Pride Month discussing with Zemmoa the importance of representation, fashion, and more! Read our full Interview below. Download/stream The Early Years HERE.

Featured Interview:

Your career has a long trajectory, but this year you got some good news. Can you tell us about it and how important this is for the LGBTIQ+ community being signed by a record label?
It wasn’t an easy ride for me in the music industry, but also for the diversity. Now, the world seems to be changing, and that means there is still hope. Because what I want the most is to be loved. Meanwhile, I’m doing music to express myself and create songs so the world can see who Zemmoa is. And yes! I am the first trans person to be signed with a record label in Mexico. It is such a big step culturally and for the community in my country. I am really grateful.

Tell us about the new album The Early Years.
My 6th album The Early Years, is a look back to my beginnings. All the songs that I release on MySpace are finally out. What I want with this album is that the new generation can appreciate my resilience and my long career as a trans-Mexican musician.

Dress: GCDS, Accessories: Swarovski

You like to play with different sounds and styles, where do you get inspiration from?
I love female empowerment and fashion. I think a lot of my inspiration comes from there. But also from this desire to be accepted, loved, and respected, as any other human being. I have always believed that even if the world keeps pushing me to think I should be a certain way or someone else. I will fight and show who the real Zemmoa, is and help to inspire other people.

How is your creativity disrupting the culture of music in Mexico?
I don’t consider myself an activist, but even if I don’t, I am just because of my freedom. Just walking in the streets of Mexico is doing activism. Just to be a trans musician in Mexico, is disrupting the culture of music here.

Dress: Stella McCartney, Accessories: Swarovski, Latex Gloves: Stylist’s own

As a trans woman in Mexico, what are your thoughts on policies here?

Mexico is the second country in the world with the highest levels of transfeminicides. Which is really worrying, but the government is doing its best with helping trans people, from hormone treatment to the ID change of gender.

What fashion trend from y2k era do you wish to return?
To be honest, that was my least favorite era. I can only say I was a big fan of The Simple Life and Paris Hilton.

Who are your idols of music?
I admire all artists who combine music and fashion. Madonna, Raffaella Carra, Prince, Amandar Lear. Love how they mixed their music into their own personal style.

Dress: Off-White, Shoes: Stylist’s own

What is your favorite spot in CDMX?
The best place in Mexico is my apt. With my dog Cruella Devull, lol.

Tell us what is next for you.
After the promotion of this new album The Early Years, I’ll work on the album that I’m producing with Universal. The new era is about to come.

Top: The Artico, Accessories: Swarovski

Team Credits:

Talent: Zemmoa @zemmoa
Photographer and Creative Director: Juan Retallack @ilretallack
Stylists: Venus Fabbricatore @venusfabbricatore & Diego Salvador @diegosalvadorc
Makeup: Liz Jardon @liz_jardonmua
Hair: Jessica Diaz @jessicadiazmakeup

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