Yung Miami Is Just Getting Started

If you play the City Girls’ track “Careless” from their sophomore album, PERIOD, you’ll hear Yung Miami say, “I’m popping, bitch. You irrelevant.”

If you’ve watched the City Girls rise to fame in the last year — despite one of their members, JT, currently finishing out her prison sentence on fraud charges — you’ll know that she’s not wrong. 

The City Girls have always been about their bag, and their lyrics that put money over love are resonating with a new generation of women who are more focused on finding financial prosperity than finding a husband — not to mention finding some good head. 

We talked to Yung Miami about how the City Girls started, her #1 money commandment, and what we can expect to see next from the City Girls (not like we’re constantly counting down to the next single or anything…).


What’s your #1 money commandment?

Keep hustling!

Who’s your favorite female rapper? 

Cardi B.

How did that Drake collab happen? 

Drake reached out to Pee who is the CEO of QC and he said he had a record for the City Girls to jump on!

How did you and JT meet?

We met each other back in middle school so we’ve known each other for over ten years. I can’t wait for her to get home, we talk every day.

How do we secure the bag? We want to swipe them Visas, boo! 

You can secure the bag in many ways. The most important way is to invest in something you love and keep flipping it —whether it’s hair, clothes, makeup, etc. Also, if you’re dating someone, tell him to invest in you! [Have them] buy you a business so that way your bag is secured! PERIODT.

How did you and your man meet? When is the little one due?

Me & Southside met at Circle House, which is a studio in Miami. I was recording one day & he walked in my session & introduced himself. As time went by, we kept running into each other at the studio and ended up exchanging numbers and it went from there. Now my baby is due in the fall!

What’s next for City Girls? 

Everything! JT is coming home soon, so we’re putting together a City Girls tour. Hopefully movies, films, & reality shows. We want City Girls merch in stores, a new album, new music, more features, just everything! It’s a City Girls take over period!!



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