You should probably buy a feather robe and wear it in public like Rihanna

Rihanna wore a cream silk Prada robe adorned with pretty pink marabou feather sleeve cuffs — and now we all want to wear Prada feather robes to the club. You may not be hittin’ up a Met Gala after party in yours, but you can still wear it dancing or poolside or even on your couch so your lazy Sunday has a touch of baddie elegance.

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It’s only been a couple of months since we saw Rihanna rocking the lewk on the streets of New York, but now the style is becoming available for all the broke bbs who want to channel that signature Ri-Ri slayage all while looking like a vintage Hollywood darling.


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Rihanna’s robe, which also comes in blue, will cost you your soul and $1560. Luckily, the internet has swooped in and saved the day by bringing you cheaper and thottier options.

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The glam baddie

Venom No Presha Feather Robe, $78

This robe gives serious RiRi Bitch Better Have My Money vibes. Sure she’s wearing a fur coat in the video, but feather and (faux) fur are in the same family. Both are fuego and have that too-glam-to-give-a-damn vibe. In this robe, you will feel confident enough to send that long time coming Venmo request to your friend who has never paid you back a day in their life.


Just extra enough

Angel of the Night Feather Robe, $55

It’s not floor length and theres no bright pink marabou feather, but it’s minimal feather design and black color is what makes it perfect for when you want to be low key, but the most extra version of low key you can be. It’s sheer, but it could be paired with high waisted underwear and a strappy bra top and BAM, you’re ready to party with celebrities or meet your friends at the sketchy after-hours happy hour — whichever.


The thotty starlet

Sweet Bardot Sheer Feathered Robe, $78


This is the epitome of functional elegance. It’s a rift off the over the top, big sleeved, long trained robes Hollywood starlets would wear while crying into their big bulb vanity mirrors. The difference is you can actually walk in this one — and you can eat late night Chinese food without worrying about dropping your ridic sleeves in the chow mein.

You can also find some actual vintage style robes similar to Ri-Ri’s and these on Etsy.

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