Kylie Jenner looks bad & boujee in Balmain’s new line of golden headphones

Can’t afford a Balmain dress?


Balmain is making headphones now and they’ll magically transform you into Kylie Jenner at her baddest and boujeest.*

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Balmain has been putting a lot more focus into the more affordable merchandising these days — evidenced by the fact that Balmain’s link in bio goes straight to their accessories page — and their new partnership with Beats by Dre represents their next chapter.

The era of golden headphones and earbuds.

“It wasn’t always easy,” Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing told Highsnobiety. “Matching the gold to the tone that I’m accustomed to use on the runway was such a challenge — but the Beats team was so patient and smart — they let me play and experiment until we all agreed that we had the best gold tone possible. Seeing how well that turned out and knowing all the work that went into that one element makes me proud.“

Aren’t you glad they figured that one out?

Kylie Jenner is!

Just look at how into her headphones she looks in this short ad.

Buy your pair today. Or at least drop some hints to your parents that you’ve got a birthday coming up. Even if it’s not actually coming up for another 11 months. Time is relative.

*They will not. But they will make you look bad & boujee though. Specifically boujee since there’s a good chance everybody will know how much you spent on them.

[H/T Highsnobiety]

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